Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

144 BAXTER'S POEMS, They pray that God's great name may hallow'd be, · ·which they profane, by pleading it for evil: They pray, as if Christ's kingdom they would see, But mean their own, that's ruled by the Devil. · They hate God's will, and pray it may be done, E'en as it is in Heaven: a high degree! Yet if one plead God's will ag.ainst their own ; Who's hated more, or used worse than he? They pray for daily bread; for life and health: But without plen1y are not satisfied: But seek preferment, fulness, rule, and wealth; And grudge if fleshly lust be not denied. . . 'i'lr' · ask pardon of the sin they love and cherish, And that but as themselves forgive another, Yet to fear God, sin, hell, as loath to perish, They '11 not forgive-to a dissenting brother. They pray God not to lead them to temptation, Yet tempt themselves, and love most tempting things; Strong baits of flesh are their chief consolation, Greedy of all that deadly pleasure brings. They ask deliverance from all that's ill, Yet sin the worst, they love and will not leave: They ask, what's full agahist their vicious will, That which God offers, they 'lluot receive. They seem to own a God · they preach his law, But man and flesh must be before him serv'd. The world's more lov'd, of man they're more in awe, As if God but the tongue and knee deserv'd.