Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAX'fER'S POEMS. The image .is their God, and bath the heart; God made an image, and hath but the name : Religion is with them mere form and art, Kept :up for peace, by custom, feai·, and shame. Christ is their Saviour call'd; their King and Lonl ; To preach his grace ~nd glory is their trade . But to be sav'd from lust and sins, abhorr'd, AnP. he an underling to flesh is made. They say they do believe the Holy Ghost; But his refining work will not be borne, A fleshly, worldly life doth please them mo~t , The Spirit's name and work some make a scorn. And yet for holiness, who bath more zeal? Meaning great names, and interest of their O'Wn : They against sacrilege to God appeal, As it would rob their flesh, aml it dethrone. It's none to hurt Christ's flock, withhold their food , His faithful Minister~ to alienate, Nor feed proud flesh with what belongs to God , All's holy that to it is dedicate. Religion ends with them as it begun, They were baptized, and made the sacred vow ; But this was by a strange godfather done, It's with great grief that I must tell you how. It's known an infant bath no will to choose, .The parents' will and choice do stand for hi~ , Till he be capable his own to use, He in the power of his parents is. And God obligeth Christians to d~ote Themselves and theirs, in covenant, to .Christ , H ,·