Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

146 BAXTER'S POEMS. This he accepts, as .many Scriptures note, The parent being dedicated first. But now some other doth the parents' part, Vows for the child, and its due education; And (though he never meant it in his heart) To see it taught all needful to salvation. Atheists, and Infidels, and Sadducees, Their children are all freely taken in, If they have but such godfathers as these, Baptism is said to save them all from sin. Men forbid parents godfathers to be, And Ministers their presence to require; Foreign Kings stand for ·those they nevef see; Poor men get such as 'they for money hire. Parents these undertakers do not ask, Will you these vows and promises perform ? Baptismal vows are made a formal task ; Thus they began: thus men Christ's laws reform. Thus Christians by false ceremony made, Religion's made a ceremony now, Not minding what suborn'd men vow'd or said, They boldly break what others falsely vow. ,And when in play and sin their childhood's spent, For canting a few words not understood, Mindless what faith is, or their baptism meant, Confirm'd, theyboldly claimChrist's flesh andblood. A lifeless image being thus received, .More forms andkeremonies it adorn, And hypocrites by Shadows thus deceived, The unknown n@ly life do hate and scorn.