Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S .POEMS. Behold what wondrous love·on us The father bath bestow'd! That we should be advanced thus, And call'd the sons of God. Because thy loving-kindness is Better than length of days, And preciouser than life itself ; My iips shall speak thy praise. Thus will I bless thee all my days, And celebrate thy fame ; :My hands I will ·devoutly raise In thy most holy name. With marrow and sweet f<).tness fill'd, My thankful soul shall be; My mouth shall join.with joyful lips In giving praise to thee. <. l79 · · 1 Job . Ps. 63 : 3. For whom have I in Heaven but thee? Ps. 13 . 25 . Nor is there any one In all the world desir'd of me Besides thyself alone; My flesh consum'd, my heart as brol{e, 26 . I feel do fail me sore·: But God's my heart's ~nshaken rock, And portion evermore. For they shall all destroyed be 27 . That far from thee are gone: They that ·a whoring go from thee . Shall all be overthrown. Nevertheless I do remain 23 . Continually with thee : By thy right hand thou dost sustain And firmly boldest me.