Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

18'0 BAXTER'S POEMS. An'd in the crowd and multitude Ps. 94. 1 ·~. Of troubling thoughts that roll Within my breast; thy comforts rest, And do delight my soul; With the just counsels of thy word, Ps. 73. 24. Safely thou wilt me guide, And wilt receive me afterwards In glory to abide. THE SECOND PART. 0 GoD, how dost thy love and grace Excel all earthly' things! Therefore the sons of men do place Their trust under thy wings. With fatness of thy house on high Thou wilt thy saints suffice, And make them drink abundantly 'The rivers of thy Joys. · Because the spring of life most pure Dotli ever flow from thee :· - And in thy light we shall be sure Eternal light to see. Therefore the gladness of my heart Is by my tongue express'd; And when I must lie down in dust, My flesh in hope shall rest. The path of life thou wilt shew me : With thee are all the treasures Of joy, and at thy right hand be The everlasting pleasures . Ps. 36. 7. 8. 9. Ps. 16 : 9. 11.