Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POE~iS. 181 Goodness ancf mercy all my days Ps. 23. 6. . Shall surely follow me; And in the house of God always My dwelling-place shall be. 0 still draw out thy love •aJ}d grace Ps. 36. 10. To them that have thee known; And with thy righteousness emb.race The upright hearted one: That so my tongue may sing thy praise, Ps. 30. 12. And never silent be, 0 Lord my God ·e'en all my days Will I give thanks to thee. THE THIRD PART. G .LORY to the eternal God, Luke 2. 14 . In his transcendant place : Let peace on earth make her abode : Let men receive his grace. Praise ye the Lord; sing unto him Ps. 149 . 1 A song not sung before : In the assemblies of his saints, With praises him adore. The Holy God his.great delight 4. Doth in his people place: And the most high will beautify The meek with saving grace. Therefore let God's redeemed saints 5. In glory joyful be; And let them raise in his high praise 6. Their voice continually_.