Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. A ~lavish fear desireth leave to sin ; It doth but tie the hands and wash the skin. Hypocrites act a forced affected part: 15 Where love is absent, Go,d hath not the heart. He~llnot accept what's done against men's will, That if they durst, had rather have done ill. Oh·my dear God ! shall not my heart be thine ? Then I shall wish it never had been mine. Objects of sense do soonest move the passion: But sure thou hast my highest estimation; l\1y will's resolved, choice is to be thine My soul and body I to thee resign : To thee the motions of my soul do bend, Thou art the scope to which my life doth tend. The motions of the higher faculties, The ruling powers are chiefest in thine. eyes ; Thou tak'st the love and homage which they pay; Though rebel-passion doth not them obey. What makes me laugh most, makesmenotmost .glad; made me weep most, made me not most sad; My love to one choice friend hath more of passion, Than my inuch greater love to church and nation. 0 had I all my powers at command ! As readily as tongue, or foot, or hand! My eyes should empty first the serious store, Because I love so good a God no more. And next Rome of the florid blood should spend, Because the God of love I did offend. The rest Rhould serve for oil unto love's fire, Wasting in restless, vehement desire. At every mention of thy blessed name, My ravish'd soul shQuld mount up in love's flame .