Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

16 BAXTER'S POEMS • .Each sermon should Elias' chariot be, To carry up my longing heart to thee. The saints' assemblies I would make more bright, Where many Heaven-aspiring flames unite. And when my Lord's love-suiferings I read, My pierced and love-wounded heart should bleed. Love should enforce each word when I do pray ; A flaming heart I'd on thy altar lay : When halving hypocrites give thee a part, Love should present my whole, though broken, heart. When in thy world I read love's mysteries, There I would sweetly feed my greedy eyes. Each Sacrament should be an eucharist : [twist. There heart with heart, and love with love should My friends and I would in our daily walk <)f love's delights and entertainments talk ; My working love should other::; love excite: In love I'd be a burning shining light. Love through the lantern of my flesh should shii~e : Who heard me speak, should hear that I am thitt.:. Remembring that in love I must be made Equal to angels; I would learn their trade : Yea, I would reach up to a higher shelf, And as my copy, look to Christ himself. Love's work I'd do with all my diligence,'*" Though men should think I were beside my sense. t My daily love should rise before the sun, And it in speed and constancy out-run : Love as my life should fill up all my days ; Desire should be my pulse ; my breath thy praise. * Mark iii. 20, 21. t 2. Cor. -5, 13.