Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

30 . BAXTER'S POEMS. And see the unseen world , and stand before 111e dreadful God whom Heav'n and Earth adore ! I was unready to behold thy fac·e, Having no more assurance of thy grace ! Having but lately too familiar been, With my seducing flesh, all<l hateful sin: My thoughts of thee were terrible and·strange! And of so great and an untimely change! · The threatened ruin I did thus condole; 0 must my scarce-born, unprepared so~1l Before my dreadful Judge so soon appear, And the decisive, final sentence hear? . And all myreckonings so soon bring in, And give account to God for every sin ? Before I do my soul's condition know, Or any sealed pardon have to shew. What if I prove an unconverted wretch ! And justice should my soul to torments fetch? How know I but the endless flames of hell, May be the place where next my soul shall d_well ? Mercy would save me, but I did reject it: · Christ's blood would 'clearise me, ·but I did neglect it. And though I am not hopeless, \Vho can bear · · To die uncertain under so great fear? 0 that my time had all been better spent ! And that my early thoughts had all been bent In preparation for the life to come ; That now I might have gone as to my home: And taken up my dwelling with the blest! And past to everlasting joy and rest! 0 that the pleasures of my sports and toys, Had all been turn'd to man-like holy joys·!