Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

\. t BAXTER'S POE~IS. 31 And those delights which vanities ,engross'd, And spent on fleshly lust, w;ere worse than lost: Had all ,been sweet rejoicings in the Lord! And in his holy service and his word! 0 that I could my wasted time call back! Which now my soul for greater works doth lack ; ·what ·would I give now for those precious days, Which once run out in pleasures and delays ? 0 had I lived a strict and holy life, Though under hatred and malicious strife ! Though men's and devils' fury I had borne, And been the world's reproach, contempt, and scorn Then welcome death would but have quench'ci'my And bid the envious world now do tl1eir wprst. [thirst Their malice would but to my joys accrue, And well-spent time be sweet to my review. 0 happy men whose portion is above ! Vi hose hearts to God, and to his service clove! Who made him, and his word, their chief delight, And wall{'d in upr~ghtness, as in his sight! Approyed their hearts and ways to him alone! As ready to appear before his throne! · Now I had rather far be one of them, 'Than one of worldly wealth, or princely stem. 0 now my undress'd soul is passing forth, I see both what the world a:nd Christ are worth. Thus did the face of death my ~oul awake ; The bonds of dead stupidity it brake! Strict, holy truth I easily confess'd; I saw that godliness is not a jest. My late besotted,mind is now past doubt, That folly's careless, wisdom is dev_out: