Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

36 BAXTER'S POEMS. · When sinners endless joy or misery, On the success of his endeavours lie ! Though God be free, he works by instruments, And wisely fitteth them to his intents. A proud, unhumbled preacher is u1 meet ' To lay proud sinners humbled at Christ' s feet : So are the blind to tell men what.God saith, And faithless men to propagate the faith. The dead are unfit means to raise the dead : And enemies to give the children bread: And utter strangers to the life to come, Ate not the best conductors to our home : They that yet never learn'd to live and die, Will scarcely teach it others feelingly : Or if they should preach others to salvation, Unhappy men that preach their own damnation. How oft·did I come down with shame and grief, Not that I was so homely or so brief; But that my own soul was no more awake, And felt no more the things of which I spake! That God was named with no -more reverence, Nor sinners pitied with a deeper sense :~ That closer warnings did not pierce men's ears, Set home by greater fervency and tearB ; And that my speeches were so cold and slight, About things of unutterable 'Weight; And that I spake with no more seriousness, 'Vhen Heav'n or Hell attended the success : As one that sees by faith the joys and wo~s, To which the godly and the wicked goes. 0 my dear God ! how precious is thy love ! How should we prize and seek the joys above t