Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. 37 Thy methods cross'd my ways: my young desire To academic glory did aspire : Fain I'd have sat in such a nur~e's lap, Where I might long have a sluggard's nap: Or have been dandled on her reverend knees ; And known by honour'd titles and degrees; Aud there have spent the flower of my days, lu soaring in the air of human praise: Yea, and I thought it needful to thy ends, To make the prejudiced world my friends -; That so my pTaise 1night go before thy grace, Preparing men ,the message to embrace; Also my work and office to adorn, And to avoid prophane contempt and scorn_. But these were not thy thoughts; thou didst foresee That such a course would not be best· for me: Thou mad'stme khow that men's contempt and scorn Is such a cross as must be daily born: Thy mercy would not have me splendid dross; A minister of pomp ; but of the cross ; That cross which hypocrites may preach and hear; But all that follow Christ must also bear. No honour must I have to bring to thee, But what thou first conmiunicatest to me. In founuing of thy church, thou didst declare How well all worldly honom:s thou could'st spare! Both in the chief most blessed corner-stone, And in the most of those that built thereon: [then, And what -- great swelling names have done since Church-rents and ruins write without a pen: - High titles as the first enchanting cup, Cast down the church by lifting of it up.