Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

BAXTER'S DYING. THOUGIITS. 91 The reasons of it I will, consider in this order': I. The general reason from the efficients and the means. IL The final reasons. III. The constitutive. reasons from the state of my intellect, and its action and fruition there. IV. The constitutive reasons from the state of my will. V. The constitutive reasons frommy prac- tice there, leaving out those which the resurrection will give me, because I am speaking but of my present departure unto Christ. Í. The General Reasons, 4.e. I. That is best for me which love itself, my heavenly Father, designed, and chooseth, for my good. I hope I shall never dare to think, or say, that he is mistaken, or that he wanted skill or love, or that I could have chosen better for 'myself than he doth, ifhe had left all to my choice. Many a time the wise and good will of God hath crossed my foolish rebellious will on earth; and afterwards; have still perceived that it was best; usually for my- self, but always for a higher good than mine. It is not an enemy, nor a tyrant, that made me, that hath .preserved me, and that calls me hence. He hath:not usedme as an enemy: the more I tried him, the better I bave found him: had I better obeyed his ruling will, how happy had I been ! And is not his disposing and re- warding will as good ? Man's work is like man, and evil corrupt- eth it ; but God's work is like God, and uncorrupted. If I should not die till my dearest friend would have it, much more till I my self would choose it, (not constrained by misery) I should rejoice, and think my life were safe ! O foolish, sinful soul ! if I take it not to be fer better to be at God's choice, than at my own, or any man's; and if I had not rather that he choose the time than I! Be of good cheer, then, O my soul ! it is thy Father's voice that nalleth thee hence ; his voice that called thee into theworld, and bid thee live; that called thee out ofa -state of sin and death, and bid thee live hereafter unto him; that called thee so oft from the grave, and, forgiving thy sins, renewed thy strength, restored thee to the comforts of his house and service ; and that so gracious- ly led thee through this howling wilderness, and brought thee al- Most to the sight of'the promised land. And wilt thou not will- ingly go, when infinite, fatherly love doth call thee ? Art thou not .desirous of his presence? Art thou afraid to gó to. him who is the only cure of thy fears ? What was it but this glory to which he didfinally elect thee ? Where dost thou read that he elected thee to the riches and honors of this world, or to the pleasures of the flesh? Bdt he elected us in Christ to the heavenly inheritance; Eph. i. 3, 4, &c. Indeed, he elected thee also to bear the cross, and to manifold sufferings here; but is it that which thou prefer= VOL. I. 13