Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

98 BAXTER'S DYING THOUGHTS. rest before the crown ? That was but as a means unto the king- dom, that thou, mightest be conformed to Christ, and reign with him when thou hast suffered with him. .If God choose thee to blessedness, refuse it not thyself, nor behave thyselflike a refuser. 2. And, surely, that state is my best which my Savior purchas- ed and promised me as best; as he bought me not with silver and gold, so neither to silver and gold : did he live and die to make me rich or advanced in the world ?; Surely his incarnation, merits, sacrifice, and intercession, had a low design, if that were all'! And who bath more of these than they that have leastof Christ? But he purchaseth us to an incorruptible crown to an inheritance un. defiled, that fadeth not away,, reserved in heaven for us, that are kept, by God's power, through faith unto salvation ; 1 Pet. i. And is it heaven that cost so dear a price for, me, and is the end of so wonderful a design of grace, and shall I be unwilling now to re- ceive the gift ? 3. That, sure, is best for me, for which God's Holy Spirit is pre- paring me; that for which he is given to believers; and that which is the end of all his holy Operations on my soul. But it is not to love this world, that he is persuading me from slay to day; but to come off from such Iove, and to set my heart on the things above. Is it to love this life and fleshly interest, this vanity and vexation, or, rather, to love the invisible perfection, that this blessed Spirit bath done so much to wòrk my heart? And would I now undo all, or cross and frustrate all his operations? Hath grace been 'so long preparing me for glory, and shall I be loath to take possession of it? If I am not willing, I ani.not yet sufficiently prepared. 4. If heaven be not better for' me than earth, God's word and ordinances have' been all in vain. ' Surely that is' my best which is the gift of the better covenant, and which is secured to me by so many sealed promises, and which I am. directed to by so many sacred precepts, doctrines and examples;. and for which I have been called to hear, and read, and meditate, and pray, and watch so long. Was it the interest of the flesh on earth, or a longer life of worldly prosperity, which the gospel .covenant secured to me; which the sacraments and. Spirit sealed to me ; which the Bible was written to direct me to; which ministers preached to me; which my books were written for; which I prayed for; and for which I served God? Or was it not for his. grace on earth, and glory in heaven ? And is it not better for me to have the end of all these means, than lose them all, and lose my hopes ?, Why have I used them, if I would not attain their end? 5. That is my best state, which all the courseof God's fatherly providences tend to : all his sweeter mercies, and all his sharper corrections, are to make me partaker of his holiness, and to lead