Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

BAXTER'S DYIRG THOUGHTS. 131 these. Mercy saw it good for me, as necessary to prevent my dangerous deceits and lapses ;. and O, that in the hour of sensual temptations I had feared more, and departed from evil. But it is holy love that must be my life ; or else I am dead, notwith- standing fear. O, come, then, and study the life of love. It is more of a holy nature than of art; but yet study must do much to prepare thee. to receive it. This is the great use of a heavenly conversa- tion. It is the contemplation,belief, and hope of the glorious state of love hereafter, that must .make us like it, and kindle it in us here. The burning-glass must be turned directly to the sun, if you will have it set any thing on fire. There is a carnal or common love to God, which is kindled in men by carnal pleasures ; but a holy love, like that in heaven, must be studiously fetched from heaven, and kindled by the foresight of what is there, and what we shall be there forever. Faith must ascend and look with- in the veil. Thou must not live as a stranger to thy home, to thy God, and Savior, ,and thy hopes. The fire that must warm thee is in heaven, and thou must come near it, or open thyself to its in- fluence, if thou wilt feel its powerful efficacy. It is night and win- ter with carnal Minds, when it is day and summer with those that set their faces heavenward. But, though all my receivings will be from God, they will not be from him alone. We must live in perfect union also with one another, and with all the heavenly society; and therefore as we must love them all, so shall we be beloved by them all ; and this will be a subordinate part of our blessedness. God there will make use of second causes, even in communicating his love and glory. 1. The Lord Jesus Christ will not only be the object of our delightful love, but will also love us with an effectual, operative love forever. His love will be as thevital heat and motionof the heart to all the members, the root of our life and joy. The love of our Redeemer will flow out into us all as the vital spirits, and his face of glory will be the sun of the heavenly Jerusalem, and will shine upon us, and show us God ; and in his light we shall have light. Did his tears for a dead Lazarus make men say, ' Be- hold how he loved him ! ' O, then, what will the reviving beams of heavenly lifemake us say of that love which filleth us with the pleasures of his presence, and turneth our souls into joy itself! He comforteth us now by the teaching of his word ; but, surely, the fruitionof salvation will be more gladdening than the tidings of it. When he that told us of glory, in his gospel, shall give it us, we shall not only believe but feel that he loveth us. Believe, 0my soul, thy Savior's love;that thou mayest foretaste