Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

1 132 BAXTER'S DYING THOUGHTS. it, and be fit to feel it. We were incapable, in sinful flesh, of see- ing him otherwise than as clothed.with flesh, and his consolations were administered by a word ofpromise suitable to his appearance; but when he withdrew his bodily presence, the Comforter was sent with a fuller consolation. But all that was but the earnest, and the first fruits, of what he will be to us forever. Be not seldom, nor unbelieving, nor slight, in the thoughts of thySavior's love ; for it is he that is the way to the infinite love. Let thy believing be so much of thydaily work, that thou mayest say that he dwell- eth in thy heart by faith ; (Eph. iii..17.) and that while thou liv- est here, it is Christ that liveth in thee; and that thy life in the flesh is not a fleshly life, but by the faith of the Son of God that bath loved thee, and given himself for thee ; (Gal. ii. 20.) and that though thou see him not, yet, believing thou lovest him also with unspeakable joy, as believing the unspeakable perfect joy which his love will communicate to thee forever. Look upon the sun, and think thus with thyself: How wonder- ful is the emanation of this sun ; its motion, light, and heat, com- municated to so manymillions ofcreatures all over the earth, and in the seas! What if all these beams of light and heat were pro- portionable beams of perfect knowledge, love, and joy ; and that all creatures that are under the sun had, from its influx, as much wisdom, love, and joy, as they have light, heat, and motion ! Would not then this earth be as a world of angels, and a heaven? O, what ablessedworld would it be ; and what a benefactor would the sun be to the world ! Why, even such will Jesus Christ be to the celestial world. He is the sun of glory. His influence will sénd forth life and light, and joyful love upon all the blessed, from the face of God, as the sun sends forth from God its motion, light, and heat upon this world. Now, therefore, begin, and live upon him : live upon the influence of his grace, his teaching, love-kin- dling, and quickening. grace; that thou mayest have his name and mark, and he may find in thee something of himself, or ofhis own when thou comest to his righteous trial. His grace is not in my power, nor at my command. It is not meet it should be so; but he hath not bid me seek and beg in vain. If he had never told me that he will give it me, it is equal to a promise ifhe do but bid me seek and ask. But I have more. He teacheth me to pray : he maketh my prayers : he writeth me out a prayer book on. my heart: he giveth me desires, and he loveth to be importuned by them : his Spirit is first a spirit of supplication, and after of conso- lation, and in both a spirit of adoption. So far is he from being loath to be troubled with my importunity, that he seeketh me to seek his grace, and is displeased with me that I will ask and have nomore.