Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

The LIFE of the he faith, that a fiery Dragon, fo big as to fill a very great Room, confli&edvifibly with him manyhours ; that one appeared to him in hisChamber in the likenefs of Everard, with Boots, Spurs, &c. that an impreflion was made on the Brick-wall of hisChimney,of a Coach drawn withTygers and Lions,which could not begot out till it was hewed out with Pick-Axes : and another on his Glafs-window which yet remaineth, tic. Whether thefe things be true or falfe I know not ; but the chief Perfon of the Do&or's Family-Communion ( being a Gentleman and Sm- dent of All-Soule in Oxford) was thus made known to me. His Mother being a fober, pious Woman, being dilfatisfled with his way, could prevail with him to fuffer her to open it to none but me ; ( ofwhole Converlion to them their Cha- rity was much defirous ) : Upon difcourfe with the young man, I found a very good Difpofition, afpiring after the higheftSpiritual State, and thinking that vifr ble Communion with Angels was it, he much expeóted it , and proleft in fome meafure to have attained it ; for force lights and odd fights he had teen ; but upon ítri& Examination, he knew not whether it were with the Eye of the Body or of the Mind : nor I knew not whetherit were any thing real or but fanrafficak He wouldnot difpute, becaufe he thought he knew things by a higher light than Reafon, even by Intuition, by the extraordinary Irradiationof the Mind. He was much againfl Propriety, and againft Relationsof Magiftrates, Subje&s, Husbands, Wives, Matters, Servants, en. But I perceivedhewas a young, rawScholar of fine Fryar whom he underllood nor, and when he Ihould but have commended the Perjellion of a Monaflical Life (which is the thing that they fo highly magnifie) he carried it too far, and made it feemmore neceffary than he fhould. They thenprofeffedto wait for fuch a Coming down of the holy Ghoft upon them, as Ihould fend them out as his Miiionaries to unite, and reconcile, andheal the Churches, and do wonders in the World: But its fifteen years ago, and yet they are latent and their work undone, § raç. Among thefe fall in manyother Se&-makers; asD'r.Gellof London (known partly by a printed Volume in Folio) and one Mr. Parker, who got into theEarl of Pembroke ; andwas one that wrote a Book againft the AffembliesConfeflon : In which ( as the refs) he taketh up molt of the Popifh Do&rines , and rifeth up againft them with Papal Pride and Contempt, but ownethnot the Pope hinfelf, but headeth his Body of Dó&rine with theSpirit, as thePapilla do with the Pope (And if theycould bring men to receive the ref, it will be cafe to fpurn down the Idol of their Fantafie or pretended Spirit,and to fet on the proper Head again). To thefe alfo muít beadded Dr. Gibbon, who goeth aboutwith his Scheme to Pro - felyte men, whom I have moreeaufe to know than forceof the refl.. All thefe with Sibtlle Diligence promote molt of the Papal Caufe, and get in with theReligious fort, either upon pretence of Assleriry, Mortification, Angelical Communion, or Clearer Light; but none of themyet owneth the Name of a Papifl, but what they are indeed, and who fendeth them, and what is their Work, though I ftrongly conte&ure, I will not affect, beeaufe I am not fully certain : Let time difcover them. 4 ad . The molt amongCromwell's Soldiers that ever I could fufpe& for Papifts; were but a few that began as Strangers among the Common Soldiers, and by de- greesrofeuptofomeInferiourOfBces, and were molt converfant with the Com- mon Soldiers ; but noneof the Superiour Officers feemed fuch, thoughfeduced by them. There is one of them (Capt. Everard) that was a bullepreaching Seetary ( in appearance) and difputed for Anabaptiltry , and againft Original Sin (whom Mr. Stephens hath wrote againft, who took him then to bea Papift; and whohath lately publilheda Book for the Popifh Religion, as giving the Reafonsofhis Con- verfion to them, as if it were a thing that hadbeen lately done : But they permit. but now and `then one thus to Bete& themfelves, to win others bythe fameof their Converfion: But the rest mutt Rill ply their work, as masked: for fecret Inftra- ments have much advantagesabove publickones. Capt. Everard fince the burning of London, and fine many new Fires have been attempted to confume the refs, was Accufed to Sir Richard Brown, as one that intended to burn the reft"of the Ci- ty ; and upon fearch there was a dangerous Letter foundwith him, and four hun- dred Hand-Granado'swith Earthen Shells, and fill'dup ready with Powder, were found covered under his Billets. There being two of that Name that were Se &aries in Cromwell's Army, I have not yet learned which of them this was. § 127.