Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

The LI EEof the LIB.I. mons together when they come from the PublickCongregation ). And now I re- turn to the Recital of my own Infirmities. After abundanceof Difiempers and Languiihings, I fell at laftinto a FluxRep- tiara, and after that into manifold other Dangers fuccefliively ( too long to be re- cited ) from all which upon earneft prayer I was delivered. Once riding upon a great hot-metled Horfe, as I flood on a fidelong Pavement in Wane/ter, the Horfereared up, and both his hinder Feet flipt from under him ; fo that the full Weight of the Body of the Horfe fell upon my Leg which yet was not broken, but only bruifed ; when confidering the Place, the Stones, the Man- ner ofthe Fall, k was a Wonder that myLeg wasnot broken all to Pieces. Another time, as I fat in my Study, the Weight of my greatest Folio Books brake down three or four of the higheft Shelves, when I fat clofeunder them, and they fell down on'every fide me, and not one of them hit me, faveone upon the Arm ; whereas the Place, the Weight, and greatnefsof theBooks was fuch, and my Head juft under them, that it was. a Wonder they had not beaten out my Brains, one of the Shelvesright over my Head having the fixVolumes of Dr.Waltans Oriental Bible, and all Aullin's Works, and the Bibliatbeca Patrum, and Marla- rate, &c. An other time, I had fuck a Fall from an high Place without much hurt, which Ihould I defcribe it, it would feem a Wonder that my Brains were whole. All thefe I mention asobliged to record theMercies ofmy great Preferver tohis Praife and Glory. 4 134. At last my Weaknefs was grown fo great that I was necefiìtated to ufe Breaft Milk four Months together ; and as much longer, or more, I remained fomewhat repaired : But then I fell into a 171feafe in my Eyes almoft incredible ; I had near every Day for one Year, and every fecond Day for another Year, a fresh Macula, commonly calleda Pearl, inone Eye, betides very many in theother; the firft that I had continued divers Weeks, till by the ordinary Method of Cure I had àlmolt-loft my Eye. At IaB I found that Honey alone, or with otherthings, fix or feren times a Day applied conftantly difcufiéd and cured it in one Day and the next Night in my Sleepanother hill carne, a fpuriocs Opthalmy goingbe- fore, and leaving the Macula behind it: And I found it came from the extreme thinnefs of the Blood, with the extreme Laxityof the debilitatedVeffels, and the Fatulencypumping up the Matter. , Thus I continued two Years, curing the Spot one Day, and finding it Bill re- turned the next Morning ; fo that I had about three hundredPearls in thofe two Years ; and though for the firft Month I could neither readnor endure the Light, yet the reft of the time I went on with my Studies, thoughnot without Pain and much Difturbance. No Purging nor- outward Applications, nor other Medi- cines would Prevent the Returnof it ; till at twoYears end I wrote to Dr.G. Bare, for his Advice. TheHumidities of my Stomach at the fame time rafting like boiled Vinegar, or Vitrial, he prefcribed me the ufe of Chalk in Subftance (a fpoonful hayed in a convenient Liquor) which powerfully precipitateth and dulcifieth acid Humours, and alfobath a harmlefs corroborating Aftri&ion ( like Magifterial of Corail or Crabs Eyes ) the life of this gave a check to my Diftemper, fo that my Spots came feldomer than before At laB I had aConceit of my own that two Plants which I had never made trial of, would proveaccomodate to my Infirmity, Heath and Sage, as being very drying and aftringent without any Acrimony : I boiled much of them inmy Beer inftead of Hops, and drank no other : When L had ufed it a Month my Eyes were cured, and all my tormenting Tooth-aches, and fuch other Maladies. Being defirous to know which of the two Hearbs it was which I was molt beholden to, I tryed the Heath alone one time, and the Sage alone anotherwhile ; and I found it wastheSage much more than the Heath which did the Cure : whereupon I have ufed it now this tenYears, and through God's great Mercy, I never had a Spot more for many Years ; nor many fume at all : Alto thefeother Effeets have followed it ; r. It eafeth my Headach. a. I have no other Remedy for my terrible Toothach, inwardor outward that will ferve; nor did this ever fail me, if it hath hadbut twelveor twenty hoursto work. ;. Where- as before I could endure no prong Drink, but was fain to drink very fmall Beer, or Julep Alexander and a Spoonful of Wine would have dilturbed me-a Fortnight, (with Ophthalmies, Toothaches, &c.) fnce I ufed Sage I can bear the Btrongeft Beer, (fo I difufe not my Medicine the while.) 4. Thevitriolate cutting Acidity ofmy Stomach is more dulcified than I could poffibly have believed it would be. In a Word, God hathmade this Herb do more for me ( not for Cure but for Eafe) than