Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

P A B. T I. Reverend Mr. Richard Barter. 105 them failed them almoftallover the Land; afew rote in fome places,but were quick- ly ruined and cameto nothing). Lambert quickly routed thole in Chefbire : Sir Arthur Hafelrigge withCol. Morley get into Portfmouth, which is poffeffed as for the Rump. Monk declareth againft them in Scotland, purgeth his Army of the Ana- baptilts, and marcheth into England. TheRamp Party with Hafelrigge divided the Army at home, and fo difabled them to oppofe Monk ; who marcheth on, and all are afraid ofhim ; and while he declareth himfelf againR Monarchy for a Com- monwealth, hetieth the handsof his Enemies by a lie, and uniteth with the City of London, and bringeth on again the old ejebìed Members of the Parliament, and fobringeth in the King. Sir William Mortice (his Kinfinan) and Mr. Charger were his great Advifers : The Earl of Manche/ter, Mr. Calamy, and other Presbyterians, , encouraged and perfwaded him to bring in the King. At firlt he joyned with the Rump againft the Citizens, and pull'd down the City Gates to matter them ; but at fall Sir Thomas Allen then Lord Mayor (by) the perfwafion of Dr.facomb, and force other Presbyterian Minifters and Citizens, as he path oft told me himfelf ) invitedMonk into the City, anddrew him to agree and joyn with them against the Rump (as they then called the Relials of the Parliament). And this in truth was the Aet that turned the Scales and brought in the King : whether the fame men expeeced to be ufed as they have finebeen themfelves, I know not : If they did, their Selfdenial was very great, who were content to be filenced and laid in Gaols, fo they might but bring in the King. After this the old Excluded Members of the Parliament meet with Monk; He calleth them to fit, and that the King might come In bothby him and by them. He agreeth with them to fit but a few days, and then diffolve themfelves and call another Parliament. They content- ed, and prepared for the King's Reftoration, and appointed a Councilof State, and Diffolved themfelves. Another Parliament is cholen, which calleth in the King r the Council of Statehaving made further preparationsfor it. (For when the Que- ftionwas, Whether they Ihould call in the King upon Treaty and Covenant, ( which force thought heftfor him and theNation) the Council refolved abfolute- ly to null him,Mr. A. efpecially perfwading them fo to do). And when theKing came in, Col. Birch and Mr. Price were appointed to Disband the Army, the feveral Regiments receiving their Pay in feveralplaces,and none of them daring to difobey: Nonot Monk'sown Regiments who brought in theKing. Thus did God do a more wonderful Work in theDiffolvingof this Army, than any of their greateft Vietories was, whichfet them up. That an Army that had conquered three filch Kingdoms, and brought fo manyArmies to deftruótion, cut off the King , pull'd downthe Parliament, and fet up and pull'd clown others at their pleafure, that had conquered fo many Cities and Cailles; that were fo united by Principlesand Intereft and Guilt, and fodeeply engaged, as much as their E. flares, and Honour, and Lives came to, to have flood it out to the very utmoft; that had profeffed fo much of their Wifdom andReligioufnefs ; and had declared filch high Refolutions againR Monarchy : I fay, thatfilch an Army Mould have one Commander amongthemfelves, whom they accounted not Religious, that fhould march againit them without Refinance, and that they Ihould all (land !till, and let him come on, and reltorethe Parliament, and bring in the King, and disband themfelves, andall this without one bloody Nofe ! Let any Man that bath the ufe of his Underftanding, judgewhether this were net enough to prove that there is a God that governeth theWorld, and difpofeth of the Powers of the World ac- cording to his Will ! And let all Men behold this Pillar ofSalt, and !landing Mo- nument ofDivine Revenge, and take heed of over-valuingHuman Strength, and of ever being puffed up by Viítories andSuccefs, or of being infatuated by Spiri- tual Pride and Fat$ion ! And let all Men take warning how they trample upon Government, rebel again$ it, or vilifie the Minifters and Ordinances of Chrift , and proudly defpife theWarnings of their Brethren. 4 152. And at the fame time whileMonk was marching againR them into Eng- land, the fisher godly Officersof Ireland were impatient of the Anabaptifts Tyran ny : So that CoLyobnBridges (thePatron of Iladderminfter) with his Lieutenant Thompfen, and force fewmore Officers, refolved upon a defperate furprizal ofDub- lin Caine, (which the Anabaptitls poffeft, with moll of the ftrong Holds) : and fo happily fucceeded, that without anybloodfhed they got the Caille: And that being won, the reft of the Garrifonsof all the whole Kingdom yielded without any lofs of Blood; and unlefs one or two, without fo much as any appearance ofa Siege. Thusdid God make his wonders to concur in timeand manner ;andf rew> ed the World the inflabilityof thof States which are built upon an Army. He P that