Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

12 The LIFE of,the This fmall Book is called by the Name ofUniverfal Concord which when I wrote, I thought to have publilhed a Second Part , viz. a large Volume containing the particular Terms ofConcord, between all Parties capable of Concord. But the Change of the Times bath neceffarily changed that purpofe. 4.598. 42. The next publilhed was a Sermon before the Parliament, the day before they voted in the King, being a Day of Humiliation appointedto that end. It is called A Sermon ofRepentance, of which more afterward. § 199. 43. The next publilhed was a Sermon preached before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen at Paul,, beingon their Day, of Rejoycingfor General Monk's Suc- cess tobring in the King : It is called A Sermon ofRight Rejoycing. § zoo. 44 The next was a Sermon of the Lífe of Faith, preached before the King, being all that ever I was called to preach before him,when I hadbeen fworn his Chaplain in Ordinary : of which more afterward. §zo1. 45. The next was called A Believer's le Work , being prepared for the Funeral of Mrs. Mary Hamner, Mother to my Wife (then intended, but after mar- ried ) : Its ufe is to prepare fora Comfortable Death. § zoz. 46. Before this (' which Iforgot in its proper place) I published a Trea- tife of Death, called, The lag Enemy to be overcome , ¡hewing the true Nature of the Enmity of Death, and its ufes Being a Funeral Sermon for Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, Wife to Mr. `fofeph Baker Minifter at Worcefler ; with fume Notes of her Life. r' § zo;. 4,. Another was called, Thevain Religion of the Formal Hypocrite : ADif covery of the Nature and Mischief ofa Formal vain Religion, preached at Wefl- tninflerAbby : with a Sermon annexed of theProfserity ofFools. Thisbeing preach- ed at Covent Garden was unjuftly accufed, and publilhed by way of Vindication, with the former. § 204. 48. The next was a Treatife on Luke io. 4z. One thing is needful ; called, [ A Saint or a Bruit ] ¡hewingthe Neceflity, Utility, Safety, Honour and Plea- fare of a Holy Life, and evincing the Truth of our Religon againft Atheifts and Infidels and Prophaneones. § aof. 49. The next was a Treatife of Sel -knowledge, preached at Dunflan's Weft, called, The Mifcbiefs of Self-ignorance, and Benefits ofSelf - acquaintance ; which was publilhed partly to vindicate it from many falfe Accufations, and partly at the defire of the Countefs of Balcarres to whom it was direeted. It was fitted to the Difeafe of this furious Age, in which each man is ready to devour others, becaule they do not know themfelves. S 206- So. The next was a Treatife called The Divine Life : which containeth threePares ; The first is of the Right KnowledgeofGod, for the imprinting of his Image on theSoul, by the knowledge of his Attributes, &e. The fecond is, Of walking with God. The third is, Of improving Solitude to converfe with God, when weare forfakenby all Friends, or feparated from them. The Occafign of the publishing ofthis Treatise was this ; The Countefs of Bal. carres being going into Scotland, after her abode in England, being deeply fenfible of the lofs of the Companyof thofe Friends which Ilse left behind her, defired me to preach the laB Sermon which she was to hearfrommeon thofe wordsof Chríft, Yobs 56. ;z. Behold the hour cometb,yea is now come, thatyeshall be flattered every man to bu own, and fhall leave me alone; andyet I am not alone, becaufe the Farber is with me.] At her requelt I preached on this Text; and being afterward defsred by her to give it her in Writing, and the Publicatiombeing herdefign, I prefixedthe two other Treatifes to make it more confiderable, and publilhed them together. The Treatife is upon the molt Excellent Sublet*, but not elaborate at all ; being but Popular Sermons preached in the midst of diverting Bufineffes, Accufations, and maliciousClamours. When I offered it to thePaees, I wasfain to leave out the quantity of one Ser- mon in theend of the fecond Treatife [ Thor God took Henoch ] : wherein I(hew- ed what a mercy it isto one that bath walked with God, to be taken tohim from this World; becaule it is a dark, a wicked, a malicious, and implacable, a trea- cherous deceitful World, &C. All which the Bishop's Chaplain mull have ex- punged, becaule men would think it was all fpoken of them : And fo the World bath got a Protection against the force of our BaptifmalVow. §207. Becaufè I have said fo much in the Epistles of these two Books of the Counselsof xakarre,, theReader may expe&fume further fatisfactionofher Quali- ty, and the Caufe. She