Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

64 The L I EE o f the , L B. ya Brethren, pray form : we dwell in the midfb of Oppofition, and as it will be our greet Ploy to hear that the Wink dotb proper in yourbands : fofballwebe earneft with the Lord for a Billing uponyour Endeavour,. Thee refb Penrith, Cumberland, Sept. r. 1653. Your unworthyFellow Labourers in the Work of the Gofpel, Ri. Gilpin Paftor at Grayitoek. John Makmillane Pulsarat Odenhafl Roger Baldwin Minifter ofPenrith. John Billingfley Mini/ter of Addinghanr. Elilha Bouette Minifter of Skelton. JohnJackfon Paftor ofHutton. Thomas Turner Preacherof the Gape!. For the Reverend our much elteemed Brother Mr. Richard Barter, and the rest of the AffociatedMinifters in the County of Wcrce- fier, Thefe. To this Letter we return'd thefollowing 'Anfwer. Reverend and BelovedBrethren WVY E receivedyour Lettore, with love andgladereß,- as for their favour of Piety in general, fo of Peaceablenoand Zeal for Unity in f/ecial, which we-' have now learned to take, not as afeparable Accident oftrue Religion, but as an Efntial part. We- havereverent Thoughtsof many Brethrenfar their Angular worth andwork , whoyet for their Attivity in dividing ways , are the griefof our -Soule : We further honour many- use abhorringfuch Ways, and being no Friend; to airy Dividing Principles, nor attive either as Leaders or Followers in the promoting them, who yet are fopefvely and pafonatelly on- peaceable, in an impatient Entertainment of every Diffenter , and making the lef/ér Errours of their Brethren to feem Herefies, if not Truths to feem Erreur,, and putting inch- odious Conftrudlianson their Opinioni andPra/lices, that they do thereby make their godly and peaceable Brethrenfeem Firebrand, or Mon"ere to be avoidedor contemned i and fo affright Men into difenien and difaffeítion. We yet more honour many who are morefree bothfrom aPPlive and-pafve unpeaceableneß, who yet dofathfie their Confaienero with this much i but while theyexclaim againft Divi/lone, do littlefor the healing them. But too (mall is the- member of fuch as you, who are up anddoing in thin healing work. Tour Names, dear Brethren, are doubly precious to su, RS are yaw Lives. We have many helpers in other Work, of Piety ; but toofew in this. Indeed, we are following an the Work as being con- fedotes ofour duty, but concerning the Succeßwe are between hope and fear. Among our feline in this County, Godbath fte-angelyfacilitated all, and fatasfied molt of thole that fromfaithful in hisWork , on theTermo which we bavepublifhed : We bearalfo that in ma- ny other Counties they arefurred up to Confultationsfor tbefe Ends ; and we perceive that theExcellency and Necefty of Unity, Peace, and [meReformation, is a little more obf r vedthan it bath been heretofore e and that Goebbegins to difgrace Diviftons, and to put a zealfor Reconciliation into many ofhis Minifters. Alfa we have madefame Attempts with fome Brethren of another County, where are fome Menof great Learning and Piety, that are of the Epifcopal way i andwefound them net only much approving the Work, but for- ward to promote it with the refs of their Neighbour Minifters. Ourgodly people alfotbrough' God's great mercy, are almoft all very traitable to, yea and rejoice in the Work. Thefe tbingsgive us hope, that God it about the Reftoringof his People, and that be is kindling that Zeal fer Unity and Reformation which (hall overcome the Fire ofContention that barb been waftingus fo long. And O that wewere as forethat this Workfhould proper, as we are that it ispriceptively ofGod! For our parto, we cannot think that God u building his Church, tillwe fee him bring the Materials nearer together, and providing Cement for a fitded Combination. Of which as we have theft ground, of hope, fo bave we much caufe of trouble and fear, both from the backwardneß of Peon and People to the Work. For weunder/tan l from other parts bow beartleß fame are to fetch a Work i and how avert taafe are that are deeply engaged already in Parties ! We bear not of thole. hearty inclinati- on to Peace, in thepartywbofe averfneßyou mention, as wodoped is have done, 'when we eefo near them as we do ; not crefng, that we know of, any oftheir Principles, (though f,lencing _J