Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

BIZEVT IA7CE O F H H CONTENTS OF THE Enfuing Narrative: Whichwaswritten byParts,at differentTimes. PART L Written for the moll part in 1664. AFier a brief Narrative ofbis Birth and Parentage,and large one ofbit School- mailere, Mr. Baxterproceeds to an Account of the means of his coming to a feriour fenfeof Religion, and of his perplexing Doubts and their Solutions,to page 9. ofbu bodily weakneß and ind ofitiont,to p.o r. ofeveral remark- able Deliverances be met with : viz. from the Temptations of a Court Life; from being run over by aWaggon; in a fallfrom aHarfe andfrom Gaming, p.rt,rz. His applying himfelf to theMeniflrp, Ordination by the Bifhopof Worcefter, andSettlement in DudleySchool as Mailer, p.i2,r3. His flaying the Matter of Con- formity, and judgment about it at that time, p. r 3, 14. Ho, removal from Dudley to Bridgnorth, andfuccefi there, p.14,1 g. of the coming out of the Etctetera Oath , and bitfurther fladying the point ofEpilcopacy upon that occafson,, 16. Upon oeeafion of this Etcztera Oath, bepaffeste the Diffatisfai`liont in Scotlandon the account ofthe impoli- tien of the Englifh Ceremonies, thence to Ship-money inEngland, thence to the Scotsftrfl coming hither, and fo to the openingof the Long Parliament,p.i6,r7. After anAccount of their Proceedings tillfuch timeas a Committee was cbofen tobear Petitionsagainfl Scandalous Minigers, be _thews how by that means be came to befettled in the Town of Kiddermin- iter as Leblurer to afcandalansIncumbent, againfl whom a Petition bad been prefented to that Committee, bad he not contented to bis Settlement under him, p. 18, &c. a fort of a Preditlion ofhoe inaFuneral Sermon preachr afterwards at Bridgnorth, p.,an. His Temp- tation, to Infidelity, and to queßion the Truth of the Scriptures, &c. with the means of bis being extricated out of them p. 21, &c. a remarkable /dory if a fades Accufation of one Mr. Crois a pious Minider in the Neighbourhoodof Kidderminfter, as if he attempted to ravifh a Woman, withitsdeteílien,p.24. A return to the Proceedings of the Parliament; and Account of the fprings and rid of the Civil War, to p. 29. The Cafe of the Country Elated about the Civil Differences between Kingand Parliament, and the Eccleliaftical Differences between the Prelatical, and the Antiprelatical Party, from p. 30. to p. 38. Hie ownfenfe of andjudgment about this matter, p. 39. Here he return, to the feria of bis own Life,'and relate, a remarkable flory of bis prefervationfrom thefury of the rabble at Kidderminftet, who wereenreg'd upon the Churchwardens going to remove a Crucifix according to order of Parliament, p.4o. upon the Peoples tumultuoufneß be retired to Glou- 4 a alter,