Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

366 The LIFE ofthe L I B.`I. To the King's molt Excellent Majefty: Tf.e due Account and humble Petition of ua Miniftersofthe Gofel- -lately Commifonedfor theReview andAtteration of the Liturgy. May it pleaJeyouur Majefty ; Wen this diftempered Nation, wearied with its own Contentions and Di. vifions, did groan forUnity and Peace, the wonderful Providence of the molt RighteousGod appearing forthe remodàl of Impediments , their Eyes were upon your Majefty, as the Perfon born to be, under God,the Center of their Con- cord, and taught byAf ui&ion to break the Bonds of the Affliâed , and by Expe- rience of the fad Effeêts of Mens UnCharitablenefs and PafGons, to reftrain all fromViolence and Extremities, and keeping Moderation and Mediocrity , the Oyl of Charity and Peace. And when there your Subje6ts Defires were accom- plifhed in your Majelty's peaceablepoffeflion of your Throne, it was the Joy and Encouragement of the Sober and Religious, that you began the Exercife of your Governtnent with a Proclamation full of Chriftian Zeal againft Debauchery and Prophanenefs, declaring alfo your diflike of [' thofe Who under pretence of affeâi. on toyour Majefty and your Service, affume to themfelves the lib;rty ofRevi- ' Bng, ' breatning, and Reproaching others, to prevent that Reconciliation and ` Union of Hearts andAffeítions, which can only withGod's Bidding make os re. ` joyce in each other]. OtirComfortsalfo were carriedon byyour Majelty's early and ready Entertainmentof Motionsfor Accommodation in thefe Points of Difci- pline and Worfhip in which we were difagreed, andyour profeffed Relolutions to draw us together by Mutual Approaches, and publilhing your Healing Declarati- on, which was received with the Thanks of your Houfeof Commons, and the Applaufe of the People, and the fpecial Joy of thofe that longed for Concord and Tranquility in the Church : In whichyour Majefty declareth fo much Satisfaetion in the Foundations ofAgreement already laid, as That you ['fhould think your ` felf very unfortunate, and fuípeâ.that you are defeótive in the Adminiftration of Government, if any Superftruetores fhould (hake thefe Foundations, and contra& ' or leffen the Hefted Gift of Charity, which is a Vital part of Chriftian Religi- ' on.] And as in the (Sid gracious Declaration, your Welty refolved to (' ap- point an equal - number of Learned lfiviries,oßboth Perfwafionsto review the Li- ` turgy, and to make fuch Alterations as (hall be thought molt neceffary, and fome `additional Forms (in the Scripture Phrafe as near as may be) faked unto the nature of the feveral parts of Worlhip; and that' it be left to the Minifter's 'dice, to ufe oneor other at his Difcretion ] ; fo in Accomplilhment thereof, your Majefty among others, direâed your Cornmifl-ionunto us for the review of [the feveral Direâions, Rules, and Forms of Prayer, and things in the raid Book of Common Prayer contained] : and [' if occafon be, to make fuch reafuna- ' and neceffary Alterations, Correâions and Amendments therein , as by and `between us fhall be agreed upon to be needful or expedient for the giving of Sa- tisfaâion to tender Confciences, and the reioringand cohtinuance of Peace and ' Unity in the Churches under your Proteâion andGovernment, and what 0, we [' agree upon as needful or expedientto be done, for the ahering, diminith- ing orenlarging the faid Bookof Common Prayer, or any part thereof, forthwith. to certifie andprefent it in Writing] to your Majefty. In Obedience to this your Majelty's Commiffion, we met with the Right Reve- rend Billions, who requiredof us, that before any Perfonal Debates , we fhould bring in Writing, all our Exceptions againft the Book of Common Prayer', and all theAdditional Formswhichwe deGred ] Both which we performed ; and received from them an Anfwer to the firft, and returned them our full Re- ply r The laft Week of our time, being deigned to Perfonal Conference, was at the Will of the Right Reverend Bifhops fpent in a particular Difpute by three of each part, about the hnfulnefs of one of theInjunâions`, from whichwe defired to be free ; and in force other Conference on the by. And though the Account which we are forced togive your Majefty of the Iffue of ourEonlultations, is that, No Agreements are Subfcribedby us , to be offered your Majelly, according to your Expeâation ; and though it be none of our intent to call-the leali unmeet Re- fleâions