Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

T H E LIFE Of the Reverend Mr. Richard Baxter. The Third Part. Nsvelnb. 16. 167o. I began to add the Me- morials following. Eing God bath been pleafed to add thefe few Years more tomy Pilgri- mage, I will add fome Account of His Providences towards me, and his People in this Land, in thefe additional Years. When I ended my laic Narrative, the dreadful Plague was laying wafte, efpecially the City of London; and thence fpread into the neighbouring Parts, and into manydiftant Cities and Corporations of theLand. Yet did we hear of no publick Repentance profeffedby any one Cityor Corporation, for that Profelfion by which they were all atthat time even Conftituted, whillt that all that had any Office or Trutt therein, declared, That there was no Obligation from the'Von called the Solemn League and Covenant on any Perron; no not from their Vow againft Popery Schifm, or Prophanenefs, nor their Vow to Defend the King, nor their Promii?e of Repentance for their Sins. Andwho can but fear that filch an univerfal Sinmutt he yet more fharply punilhed, when fech a Scourge as tisis had nobetter effeBs? z. The Number that died inLondon (hefides all the reff of the Land) was about an Hundred Thonfand, reckoning the Quakers, and others, that were never put in the Bills of Mortality, with thofe that were in the Bills. § 3. The richer fort removing out of the City, the greateftBlow fell on the Poor. At the firll fo few of the Religioafr fort were taken away, that (according to the mode of too many fach) they began to be puffed up, and hoaft of the great difference which God didmake : But quicklyafter, they all fell alike. Yet not many pious Minigers were taken away; I remember but Three, who were all ofmy own Acquaintance. i. Mr. Grunman, a G:rman, a very humble, holy, able Miniffer; but being a Silenced Non-conformift, wasfo poor, that he was not able to remove his Family. 2. Mr. Crory, a worthy Minifter, that had long ago lived with the maAe dtyed famous Religions LadyScudamo.,e , and being Silenced, was entertained by Richard then,buc I Bambdea, Efq; in his Houfe at London; and flying from the Plague intothe Country, think net died with his Wife, and fume Children, as foon as he came thither, in theHoufe of of the A a a a that Plague.