Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

ELISHA'S C R Y AFTER . ELIJAH's G Ó D Confider'd and Apply'd, With Reference to the DECEASE of the late Reverend Mr. Richard Baxter. Who left this Life Decemb. 8tb, 1691. And Preach'd in Part on Decemb. 18th, An. Eod. Being the L 0RD's-DAT, At Rutland-Houfe in Charter-houle-Tard , LOND 0N. By Matthew Sylvefter, His unworthy Fellow-Labourer in the Gofpel there, for near Four of the lait Years of His Life and Labours. , And there wu much Murmuring among the People concerning him : for fame fail, He is a GoodMan . Others fad, nay ; but he deceiveth the Peo- ple. Job: vii. z s. But thou haftfully known my Dollrine, Manner of Life, Purpofe, Faith, Long fuffering, Charity, Patience, Perfecutions, Affligions, 2 Tim. iii. ro, rI. The Lawof Truthwas inhisMouth, andIniquity wasnot found inhisLips : He walked with me inPeace and Equity, and did turn many away from Iniqui- ty. Mal. ii. 6. My Father .' my Father l theChariot of ?al, and the Horfeménthereof Andhefaw him no more : z 1Cin . ii. 14. Quiscohortari ad virtutemardentius;quis avitiis acrius revocaré ; Qùis vituperare Improbos afperisu, Quis Laudare bonos ornatius, (luis cupiditatem vehementius frangereaccufando poteft ? Quis mierorem levare mid= confolando ? Citer. De Ora. lib. 2. L O N D O N, Printed for T. Parkhurft, 7: Robinfon, `f. Lawrence, and 7. Dunton. i 6 9 6.