Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

AnALt1ABETICAL INbEx both ofPEasoNs and THINGs an Account xnhereof is to be met with in this NARRATIVE. Thefirs'? Number intimates the Parti thefecund the Page. A. SIr Thomas Allen i.10f Mr. William Allen 2.180. 3.180.Letters between him and Mr. Baxter. Appen- dix Numb.4. Mr.Jofeph Allen 2432 Dr. Richard Allef?ree 1.3 Anabaptijts 1.41. 2.140,141 Whether it be our Duty to leekPeace with them ? 2.181. How a Pacificatory attempt . with themmight bemolt fuccefsfully ma- naged 2.183 Their Infolence after Cromwell's Death 2.206 Dr. Annefleÿ, 3.,9. His Chara&er 3. 95 Marquis of Antrim. A particular Account ofhis Commiliìon from King Charles the Firft,for what hedid in the Frith Rebellion 3.83 Judge Archer 3.59 Army. Of the new modelling the Parlia- ments Army, 1. 47, &c. of the Temper and Principles which prevailed among(} them in 1645. when Mr.Baeter firltcame to them, u.1o,&c. how he came to go in- to the Army, and fettle there as Chaplain to Col.Whalley's Regiment, t.52. and how he behaved himfelfthere, p.s3. how it was turn'd almoft entirely into an Armyof Se&aries, 1. S9. the King hook'd in by them, 1.6e. and their treatment of him, p.61 Of the Orange fall ofthe Parliaments Ar- my at lait 1.105. 2.214 Mr. Arthur 3. a; Mr. SimeonAlb, 1.42. I. 214, x29,230,231, 276,307. HisDeath andCharaCter 2.430. Alderman A hur , 2. z 0, 302. 1 .189 Jh fi 9 3 3. 7. 3 9 Affémbly of Divines at Wejiminfler s an Ac- count of them x.73 OfMr. Baxter's Preface to their Works up- on anew Edition of them r.a22 Mr. Atkins 2.373 B. MR. Edward Baggßiaav, 2. 378. 3. 72,8f, jVj 89 Mr. Jofeph Baker. His CharaRer 3.90 Earl of Balearres and his Lady 1. tar Mr. Thomas Baldwin Senior, 2. 374, 376. 392 Mr.Thomas Baldwin Junior Mr. Thomas Bampfield Mr. Francis Bampfield Mr. Barker Mr. Barnet Dr. Barwick Mr. Baf/wick Mr. Batebeler 3.9x 2,2 14,43Z 2432^374 3.19,9f 3.94 2.z76 3.13 r 3 229,28 0 O 0 3 Dr. Bate!, 2.2 4, 3.3 3,3 543 7,337 340,346. 3.13. ALetter ofhis to Mr. Bax- ter about the taking theOxford Oath by le+ veral Nonconformifts 3.4. 3;94 Mr. BenjaminBaxter. His CharaRer 3.9r Mr. Stephen Baxter ibid. Major Brake 2.207 Alderman-Beard 3.66 Col. Beddingfield 2.290 The BehmeniJts Sir John Bernard 3.6o Dr. Bernard z.zes Major General Berry. An Accountand Cha- raRer of him Mr. Berry Mr. Biddle 0.77 x.57,97 3.98 Mr. Adoniram Bifield x.42 Col: Birch 2.281 The Bifhopi. TheProceedings againft them in the Long Parliamene,r.z6,27. the Cau-, fes of the Averlion of fèrions People a- gainft them, at the beginning of the Civil War - x,33 Their carriage to the Minifters at the Sa- voy Conference, z. 3uÇ,331,337,363 of their advifing King Charles the Second to call inhis Licenfes, and rigoroufly toex- ecute the Laws made against Proteftant Diffenters 3,15; MajorBlood. An Account of him ; and of his stealing theCrown 3.88 BOOKS. Mr.Baxter's Account ofhis feveral Booksand Writings. His Aphorifms of Julification and the Cove, nants 1.107 His Saints Everlafting Reft T. 108 His plain Scripture proof for Infants Church- membership and Baptifm ibid. The right Method for Peace of Confcience, and Spiritual Comfort, in 32 DireRions, 1.109 His Judgment aboutthe Perfeveranceof Be- lievers a. Ito His two Allize Sermons ibid His Apology ibid, HisConfeflion ofFaith r. t11 M Diretions