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THE RIGHT ------....... For afeiled?EACE OF CONSCIENC And Spiritual C ó M. F o R T. in 32 DIRECTIONS Written for.the tile ofa troubled Friend : and now pùbli{hed By tchard Eaxter, Teacher of the ChurCh at Kederminfler in WorceiIerihire, The _Third Edition 9 Corre&édand Augmented. z John 4. 16. God is Love. Luke 14. 17. Mat. 22. 4. Cowe,far Atli things are horn Ready. London, rrinted for The. Vnderhil, and 17 ra. Tyton, and are tobe fold at the Anchor , in Pauls Church-yard, and at l'he three Daggers in .Fleetjtreet. t 6 5 7

M A T. II. 28. Come onto me all ye that labour, and are heavy- laden, and Iwill giveyou ReR : Take. my Yoke uponyou, and Learn ofme : for Iammeek and Lowly in heart, AndyeJhallfindReit untoyourfouls For my Yoke is eafe, andmy burthen is light. GAL. 5.17. For theflesh luftethagainft theSpirit, and theSpirit againft theflefh ; and thefe are contrary the one to the other, fo that ye cannot do the things thatyewould. Ro M. 6. 16. Knowye not that to whomye Yield your (elves fer- vants toobey, hisfervants yeare to whomye obey? whe- ther of fin unto Death, or ofObedience untoRighte- oufncfs ? RO M. 13.14. Make not provifion for the flefi, tò fulfil the tufts thereof. R®M.8. 13. For ifye Live after the flefh, yefhall dye : But ifye through the Spirit domortifie thedeeds of theBody; ye fhall live. 2. PE T.

2 P E T. 2. T9. While they prorlife them Liberty, they themfelves, are the Servants of Corruption, for of whom a Maas ais overcome, ofthefame is he brought inbondage. E z K..33. zo,rr. Thusyoufpeak, frying, ifour tranfg.refìons and our firs be upon us, andwe pine away in them, how Mould we then live ? Sayunto them, As I live, faith the Lard. Cod, i'have > o pleafure in thedeathofthe wicked,: but that the wicked tarn frotn hi s` way and live : ttirin ye, turn ye from your evil ways ; for why will ye die, 0 houfe ofIfrael ? 2 C 0 R. 2. 20. Now then , we are Ambaf fadors for Chrifl, as though clod did befeech you by us we pricy you in .Chrifisfíead, be reconciled to God. P s A L. 3 7. 3,4. Trull in the Lord, and dogood, &c, Delight thy fëlfalfo in the Lord, and he 'hallgive thee the Defares ofthineheart. Sound Dotîrine makes a found Judge- ment, a found Heart, a found Converfation, Gild a found Confcience. To

,,,.4 4141WZOAAN14».,(::0.4., ;a z w . . 4444444 .,. Tomy much valued, beloved, and Honoured friends, Col. Sohn Bridges, with Mrs itiArg4ret Bridges his Wife, and Mr, ma Foley , with M" Ann Foley his Wife. Hough in publifhing our Wrid- tinge , we intend them for the y good ; of all yet cuftom ( not fi. without reafon) loth teach us , fometimes to dire& themmore efpcially to force. Though one only had the original interei inthefe Papers, yet do I now diret them to you all , as not knowing how in this to feperate you. You dwell together inmyEflimation and Affe&ion One of you a Member of the Church , which I muff Teach ; and legally the Patronof its Mainte- nance and Minifter : The other , a fpeciat A 4 branch

The Epflie Dedicacto;)?. branch of that family, which I was firfl in- debted to in this County. You lately joyned in prefenting to the Parliament, the:Petition ofthis County for the Goflel and a faithfull Miniftry : When I only told youofrny in- tention, of fending fame poor Scholars to the Univerlity, you freely and joyntiy offered your confiderable Annual allowance thereto, and that for the continuance of my life, or their neceflîties there. I will tell the world of this, whether you will or. no: not for your applaufe, but for their imitation ; and the ihame ofmany offar greaterefates, that will not be drawn todo the like. The fealon fome- tvhat aggravates the Goodnefs of your Works. When Satan bath a defign to burn up thole Nurferies, you are watering Gods plants : when the greedy mouth ofSacriiedge is gaping for their Maintenance, you are vo- luntarily adding for the fupply of its defec`I. Whoknows' how many fouls they may win to Chrift (if God (hall fend them forth into hisharveft) whom you have thus afrfed : and what an addition to your comfort this may be :' When the Gope1 is Co undermined, artd the Minifry fo maligned, and their mainte- nance fo envyed, you have, as the mouth of this County, appeared for them all. What God

The Epíflt Decticatory, God will yet do withus, we cannot tell ; but ifhe will continue his Gofpel to us, you may have the greater comfort in it ; Ifhe will re- move it, and forfake a proud, unworthy, falle hearted People ; yet mayyou have the com- fort of your fincere endeavours : you (with the refit that fincerely furthered it ) may ecape the gnawings of Confcience and the publique c 7rle and reproach, which the Hi -. Rory of this A `_e may fatten upon them, who after their Engagements in blood and Co- venants, would either in ignorant fury,or n;a. licious fubtilty , or bale temporizing co- wardize, oppugn or undermine the Go`pel, or in perfidious lilence, look on, wliil{t its de -- flroyed. But becaufe it is not The lvorkola flatterer, that , am doing, but of a friend ; I muff fecond thefe commendations with forne caution and councl ; and tell your íelves of your danger and duty, as I tell others ofyour exemplary Deeds. Truly the fad experiences of thefe times, have much abated my cone- denc ; in man, and canted me tohave lower thoughts of the bell, then xbmetime I have had. I confefs I look on man, as filch a di.: ftempered, flippery and unconftant thing, a.nd mf -fuch a natural mutability ofApprehenflons 3: Affetions,that as I alai never more call any man

Ì1e Ep f le Dedicatory: man onearth, My friend, but with a fuppofi Lion that he may pofsibly become mine ene- my; So I fhall never be fo confident of any mans Fidelity to Chrift, as not withall to fuf- peh that he may poffibly forfake him : nor ihall I boaft of any mans fervice for the Go.. fpel,but with a jealoufie that he may bedrawn to doas much againft it ( though God, who knows theheart, and knows his own decrees, may know his fncerity and foreknow his perfeverance.) Let me therefore remember you, that had you expended your whole eftates , and the blood of your hearts for Chrift and his Gofpel, he will not take him- felf beholden to you. He oweth you no Thanks for your deepeft Engagements,high- eft adventures, greateft coft, or utmoft endea- vours. Your are fare beforehand that you limit be no lofers by him : your feeming ha- zards increafe your fecurity : Your lofes are your gain ; your giving is your receiving ; your expences are your revenues : Chrift re- turns the largeft ufury. The more you doand fuffer for him, the more you are beholden to him, I muff alto remember you,that youmay pofsibly live to fee the day, when it will colt youdearer to thewyour felves faithful! to the Gofpel, Ordinances and Minifters of Chrift, then

The Epi le Dedicatory: then now it doth : and that many have fbrunk in greater tryals, that paft through leffer with retolution and honour. Your detection at the laft, would be the 'ors of all your works and, h, pes. ifAny man chary back, Chrift faith, hí foul 'hall have no pleafare in him. Even thofe that have endured the great fight of Aii on, being reproached and made a gazing- flock, and that have taken joyfully the fpoyl- ing of their goods, in affurance of a better and enduring fubftance, have yet need to be warned that they cat not away their confi- dence, and draw not back to perdition , and lofe not the Reward for want of Patience and, Perfeverance, Heb. io. 22. to the end. That you may efcape this danger, and be happy for ever, take this advice. i. Look carefully to the fincerity' of your hearts, in their Cove- nant-clofure with Chrift. See that you take himwith the happiners he bath, promifed for your All Take heed of looking after ano- ther felicity ; or cheriíhing other Hopes ; or efteeming too highly any thing below. Be jealous , and very jealous, left your hearts fhould dole deceitfully with Chrift, main- taining any fecret ReCerve for your bodily fafety : either refolving not to follow him or not refolving to follow him through the aloft

The Epiflie Dedicatory: most delolate diftreffed condition that he fliall lead you in. Count what it may colt you to get the Crown 5 ftudy well his precepts of Mortification and Self. denyal. There is no truehopes of the Glory to come, if you can- not call over-board all worldly hopes , when the florin is fuch that you mull hazard the one. O how many have thought that Chrill was mob dear to them, and that the hopes of heaven were their chiefeft hopes, who have left Chrift, though with forrow, when he bid them let go all ;# 2. Every day renew your apprehenfions of the Truth and Worth of the Promifed Felicity ; and of the belufory Vanity of all things here below : Let not Heaven lofe with you its Attradive force, through your forgetfulnefs or unbe- lief. He is the bell Chriftian,that knows bell why he is a Chriftian ; andhe will mob faith- fullyfeek and fuffer,that bell knows for what he doth it. Value not Wealth and Honour above that rate which the wifell and bell ex- perienced have put upon them : and allow themno more ofyour affedions then they de- ferve. A mean wit may eafily dircover their emptinefs. Look on all prefent actions and conditions with a remembrance. of their end. Defire not a fbare in theirprofperity, who muff

The Epijile Dedicatory mull pay as dear for it as the lofs of their fouls : Be not ambitious of that honour which inuft end in Cohfufion ; nor of the Favour ofthofe that God will call enemies. How fpeedily will they come down,and be levelled in the dull, and be laid in the chains ofdark- nefs, that now feem fo happy to thepur-blind world, that cannot fee the things to come Fear not that man that muft thortly tremble before that God whom all muft fear. 3. Be more folicitous for the fecuring ofyour Cbn- fciences and Salvation,thenofyour Honours or Eftates : In every thing that you are put upon, confultlrft with God and Confcience ; andnot with fleth and blood. It is yourdaily and molt ferious careand watchfulnefs that is requifite tomaintain your integrity; andnot a few carelefs thoughts or purpofes conjuní`t with a minding of earthly things. 4. Deal faithfully with every truth which you receive. Take heed offubje6ting it to carnal interetls If once you have affections that can mailer your Underilandings, you are loft, andknow itnot. For when you have a Refolution to call offany duty, you will firft believe it is no duty : and when youmuft change your judge- ment for carnal advantages , you will make the change fecal reafonableand right : and evill

V2e EpiJ?le Ded catorj . evill (hall be proved good when you have a mind to follow it. 5. Make Gofpel-Truths your own, by daily humble fludies, ari(ng to fuck a foundnefsofjudgement, that you may. not need to take too much upon trail ; left ifyour guides fhoul4 mifcarry, you mifcarry with them. Deliver not up your underftand- ing in Captivity to any. 6. Yet donot over value your own Underftandings. This Pride path done that in Church and State,whichall clifcerning men are lamenting., They that but litt e , fee not what theywant , as well as what they have 5 nor that imperfecti- on in their knowledge which íhould humble them , nor that difficulty in things , which should make them diligent andmodeft.7. töip. prehend the necefsity and Llfefulnefs of Chrifls Officers, Order and Ordinances for the profperity of his Church : Paftors muff guide you, though not feduce you, or lead you blind-fold. But choofe (if you may)fuch as are judicious, and not ignorant, not rafla but lober, not formal but ferions and fpiritual, not of carnal but heavenly converfations ; efpecially avoid them that divide and follow parties, and leek to draw Difciples to them- pelves, and can facrifice the Churches Unity and Peace to theirproud humors or carnal in- terefls

The Epi¡leDedicatory. terefts. Watch carefully that no weakneffes of the Minifter do draw you to a dif-efteem of the Ordinances'of God : nor anyof the fad mifcarriages ofProfeffors íhould caufe you to fet lefs by Truth or Godlinefs,. Wrong not Chrift more, becaufe other men have fo wronged him. Quarrel! more withyour own unfitnes and unworthinefs in Ordinances, then withother mens. It is the frame of your own heart that doth more to help or hinder your Comforts, then the qualityof thofe you joyn with. To thefe fewDire Lions added to the reft in this Book, I thall fubjoyn my hearty Prayers, that you may receive from that Gofpel and Miniftry which you have owned, fuch flability in the faith,fuch victory over the flefh and the world, fuchapprehenfi- ons ofthe Love of God in Chrift , fuch di- ration inevery lirait and duty, that youmay Live uprightly, Die peaceably, and Reign Glorioufly. Amen. May9. 165 3. Tour feyvant in the Faith andGo /elofGbrifl. icb. Baxter.

Á/ a . , 1a t tJ taM.29_ ,.x)(e%{zr. s _}\C>¿ÿó V..-.).,. ¢ .. ,. .. ... i, C `. X, G ^ ^ l L !q; +, t-ç.° y . To the Poor in Spirit. . T dearly Beloved Fellow-Gerifli.- ans, whofe Souls are taken up with the careful thoughts of attaining andMaintaining Peace with God who arevile inyour own eyes 5 and value the BloodandSpirit and Word of your Re- deemer, and the hope of the Saints in their ap- preaching Blefednef , before all the Pomp and Vanities of this world, and Refolve togive up your (elves to his Conga, who is become the Author ofEternal.Salvation to all them that obey him : For You do I PubliJh there following Directions : and to You it is that I diret this Preface. The onlyGloriousandInfinite God, who made the Worlds , and rspholdeth them by hi. Word, who is attendedwith millions of bis Gl; rious Angels, and Praifedcontinuallyby bis I e venly ho s. who pulleth down the Nighty fro,ni,

To the Poor in Spirit. theirfeats, andfcattereth the Proud in the !rna- ginations oftheir hearts,and rnaketh his Enemies lick the dufl : to Thom the Kings andConquerors ofthe Earth are 4ts the f lliefi 'rums and the whole world is Nothing, andTighter then Vanity, hich he will portly turn into flanges before your eyes : This God bath font me toyou, with that cyful.lUrf Page which needs no more but your be- lieving entertainment, to make it fufficient to rare youfrom the dull, and r%anifh thofe terrours and troubles from your hurts,= and help you to live like the Sons of God. e commandeth me to tellyou, that_he takes notice ofyour forrows : he /lands by whenyou fee him not, and fay, he bath forfakenyou : he mindsyou withgreatefl tender- nefs,rvhen youfay, he bathforgottenyou : he num- breth your ftghs he bottles up your tears : the groans ofyour hearts do reach his own. fie takes it unkit dly, thatyou are toffJ iciousofhim : and that all that he hash doneforyou in the work of Redemption, and all the gracious workings of his Spirit on vci=r f etas, and all your ownpeculiar ex- periencesc ofhis Goodnefs, can raife yen to nohigh- er apprehenfens,of his Love ! Shall not Lave be acknowlec'ed to be Love, when its grown to a Miracle ? 1,Ihen it furpaJeth Gemprehen fon ! Null the Lord Jet up Love and Mercy in the work ofRedemption, to be equallyadmired with bis

TO the Poor ih Spirit. his omnipotency Manifeted in the Creation ? andcallforth the World to this fiv et imployment, that inSecret and in Public:e it might be the bu f - nefs of our lives ? andyet /hall it be fo ovrrlookt, or cluefiioried, .& ifyou lived without Love and .Mercy in the world ? Providence doth part,, by heaping up Lillountains of daily Mercies, and thcfe it fets before your eyes : The Gofpe bath' eminentlydone itspart by clear defcribing them, andfully af fusing them, and this is proclaimed frequently inyour ears : Andyet is there fo little inyour hearts andmouths ? Doyoufee, andhear, andfeel, and tafle Mercy andLove ? doyou Liv` wholly on it ? and yet doyou flill doubt of it ? and think fo meanly of it, and fo .hardly ac - knowledge it ? God takes not this well but yet he confidereth your frailty, and takes you not at the word. He knows that f fh will play its part, and the Remnants of Corruption will not be idle : and the Serpent will be fuggefling fal fe thoughts ofGod, and will be flill ;rivingmoil to obiCure that part ofhis Glory which is Bearefl tr him, and efpecially which is moll conjoyned with the happinefs of Man. lie knows aifó, that ßn will breedforrows andfears : and that mans un- derflanding is [hallow, and all his Conceiving; ofGodare exceeding ton) : and that We are rofar' from Cod e Creatures , andfo mach further44 B z fnne

To the Poor in Spirit. fnners, and efpecially as Confciota of the abufe of his Grace, that there mull needs ,lotiowfuch a firangenefs as will damp anddull our 'a prehen f - ens of his Love : and fuch an abatement-ofour Confidence, as will make us draw back, and look at Godafar off: Seeing therefore that atthis di- fiance nofull apprehenfcons ofLove can be expe- lled : It is the Pleafureofour Redeemerfhortly to Return, with ten thoufands ofhis Saints, with the noble irrry ofhis c. i'7 artyrs and the cot- tendance of bis Angels . and to give you fuch a Convincing Demonflration ofhis Love, as /ball leave no roomforone more Doubt. Your Com- forts are now but a Tafle, they (hall be then a Feafl : They arenow but Intermittent, they ¡hall be then Continual. flow Joan now doyour Con- queredfears return ? and what an uncon//ancy andunevennefi is there in our Peace ? but then our Peace mull needs be Perfelt and Permanent, when wefhallpleafe GodandEnjoy him in Pcrfe- [lion to Perpetuity. Certainly, Chriflians, your Comforts fhouldbe now more abundant, but that they are not ripe : It is that, and not this, that isyour harvefl : I have toldyou in another Book the *flake and danger of expec`aing too much here, and the .Necefsity of Looking and Longing for that Reft, ifwe will havePeace in- deed ! But alas, how bard is thisleion learned ? t nbelievers

To the Poor in Spirit. Unbelievers world have Happinefs : but how fain would they have it in the Creature, rather then inGod ! Believers would rather have their Happinefs in God then in the Creature : But how fain would they have it without Dying . And wonder : for when Sin brought in Death, even Grace it felfcannot Love it, though mayfn mit to it : But though Chaarlifh he Sou do ls d our way, why look we not at admit- tance into R&fl ! and the Bodies R e furreaio5 that mull Portly follow ? Doubtlefs that Faith by whichwe are 9uflifled and Saved, as it fits down on the word of Truth as the prefent ground of its confident repofe, fo loth it thence look with one eye backward on the Crofs , andwith the otherforward on the Crown : And if we well ob- ferve the Scripture Defcriptions of that Faith, we ¡hall fiad them as frequently magnifying it, and defcribing it from the latter, as from the former. As it is the duty and glory of faith to look back with Thankful Acknowledement to s Crucified chrift, and his payment ofour Ran" fom : fo is it the Duty and Glory of that fame lu f?ifying Saving Faith to Look forward with De fire and Hope to the Return of King efus, and the Glorious Celebration of the Marriage of the Lamb , and the Sentencial l uflifacation and the Glorification ofhis Saints : To Believe theft B3

To the Poor in Spirit. theft things unfei nedly which we never fare, (nor ever fpoke withman that did fee) and to Dopefor themfo Really (,s to lei goallprefent for. bidden plea.lures, and all worldly hopes and feena- ing happinefs , rather then to hazard the lofs of them: thls is an eminent° part of that Faith by which the flit/ do live andwhich the Scripture doth own as qu;Ilifìying and Saving : ( For it never diflinnuilbeth between ]nf ifying Faith andSaving Faith , to their nature.) It is therefore agreat miflake offorce to look onely at that one eye of fofifyinn Faith which looks back upon the Crofs, and agreat mistake of them ore the other hand that look onely at that eye of it which .beholds the Crown : Both Chri fl Cruci- fed, and Chrifl Interceding, andChri/l return- ing to r uflifeandGlorifie, are the objecnis even of l uflif yin Saving Faith Molt flrielly fa. tailed. The Scripture oft expreffeth theone on - ly : bist then it fill implyeth the other. The So- cinians erronioufly therefore from Heb. i. I. (where the Examples and Elolies 'ofFaith are fet forth) do exclude Chrifl Crucified, or the re (peel to his Satisfaction, from 9u(lifyin Faith,. andplace it in a weer Expcélation of Glory : and others do as ungroundedly a f rm, that it is not theyuflifying Act ofFaith which lieb. z r. deo cribeth, becats f e theyfindnot the Croft of Chrif them

To the POW in `i it t' there mentioned. For as Believing . in Chri s Blood Comp1ehendeth the E even the Ex- pea ation Remirsion and Glory merited byta blood : fo the Believing ofthat Glory do alw ys t imply that we Believe andExpe g it sd the e ci it ofChrìfts Bantam., .It isfor health an f we Accept and Truft upon our Phyßci n .Ad it s for luti fixation and salvation that? Accept Trull on Chrifl. The Salvation ofourfouls is the endofour Faith. They that q. ,aeflian whether we may Believe and obey for our own Salvation, d roue tan whether we may go to the t byfi follow his advice for fealth andLif9.why then do you that are Believers fo much forget the End of Faith ? and that for which it is that your Believe ? Believing in Chrift for pref.nt Mer- cies onely, be they temporal or fpiritual, is not the true Believing. They are dangerou fly vuifla!een that think the thoughts ofHHeaven to be fp acci- dental to the nature and work of Faith, that they tend anely to our Comfort, and are not necef fary to Salvation it ['elf. It is igonyour appre- henfons and expectations of that unf en felicity eloy that bothyour Peace and Safety do depegd. contrary therefore is it to the nature of- d Go a Be- liever, toforget the place of his R fi folation ! and to Look for fo much of thfe from Creatures , in thii our prefent pilgrimage and B4

Tó the Poor in Spirit. Fri fen, as alas, too commonly we do ! Thus do We kill our Comforts and then complain for want of them. How fhould youhave any Life or Conflancy ofConfolations, that are fo feldorn, foflight, fo 'unbelieving and fo heartlefs in your thoughts of Heaven! Tau knowwhat a folly it is to expect any Peace, which ¡hall not come from Chrift as the Fountain: And you waft learn as Well to under/land what a folly it is to expeet any f®lid goys, or/table Peace, which is not feteht fromHeaven, difrom the End. O that Chri/li- ans were careful to live with one eye flill. on Chrifl Crucified, and with the other on Chrifi coning in Glory ! If the EverlaflingToys were mare inyour believing thoughts, Spiritual toys ìx'ouldmore aboundatprefent in your hearts. Its no more wonder that you are Còmfortlefs when Heaven if forgotten, or doubtingly remembred, then thatyou arefaint when you eat not, or cold whenyouflir not, or when you have not fire or Clothes. But when Chriflians do not onely letfalltheir expectations of the things Unfeen , but alfo heighten their expeíìations from the Creature : then do they moll infallibly prepare for their fears, and troubles, ande frangednefsfrom God, and with bóth hands draw calamities on their fouls.' Who evermeets with a diffre f fedcomplain- tns

MM. To the Poor in Spirit. ingfoul where one or both of there is not appa- rent ? their Low expectations from God here- after, or their high expectationsfrom the Crea- ture now ? What doth keep us under filch trouble and difquietnefs, but that we will not Expert what God bath Promifed, or ive willneeds Expea what he Promifed not? And then we cam- plain when ive miff of thofeexpeOations whichwe foolifhly and ungroundedly raifed to our felves ! We aregrievedfor Croffes, for Loges, for wrongs from our Enemies, for unkind or unfaithful dealings of our Friends, for ficknefs, for con- tempt and di f efteem in the World ! But who bid you lookfar any better ? Was it Pro(ierity, and Riches, and Credit, and Friends, that God cal- ledyou to Believe for ? or that you became Chri- flians for, or that you had an abfolute promnife of in the Word ? 1 f you will make Promires to your felf, and then your own Promifes deceive you, whom Mouldyoublamefor that ? Nay do we not, a's it were, necej?itatc Godhereby, to embitter all our.Comforts below, and to make every Creature as a Scorpion to us, becaufe we will needs make them ourpetty Deities ? We have lefs Comfort in them then elfe we might have, becaufe ive rnujl needs havemore then wefhould have. You might have more faithfulnefs fromyour Friends, more Reputation in the World, more fiveetnefs in all your or

To the Poor in Spirit. your prefent enjoynients, ifyou lookt for Lefs. Why is it that you can fcarce name a Creature near yott, that is not' a fcourge toyOu, bat hecaute yofe can !Cara nameone that is notyour Idol ? or, at lea.", whichyou donot expert morefrom, then you ought ? Nay ( Which is one Of the faddefl Confiderationsofthis kind that canhe imagined) God isfain toIcourge us molt even by the higheg ProfeffOrs of Religion, becaufe we have molt Idolized them,and had fuch exceflive expecia- tions from them. One wouldhave thought it next toan impofibility, that [itch men, and fo many of them, couldever have been c1(awn to do that againfl the Church, again(I that .,Gofpel-Mini- flry, andordinances of God (whicb4nce feemed dearer to them then tbeir lives) whiCh bath fince been done, and which yet we fear:! But a be- bey* eyecandifcern the reafon of thisfad pro- vidence (inpart :) Never men were more Ido- lied: and therefore no wonder ifwe were never foaffliaed by any. Ales when will we learn by Scripture and Providence fo to know God anc} the Creature, as to look far Morefrom him, and Left from them ! We have looked for Wonders "r7071; Scotland, and what is come of it ? We looked that War lhould have even (atisfied our defires, andwhen it had removed all vifible Im pediments, we thought ive Pallid have hadflab a g lorious

To thePoor in Spirit. glorious Reformation as the Worldnever knew! Andnow behold, a Babel, and a ran9led Defor- mation! ! What high .Expeclatioras had we from an Af embl y ! what Expect ations from a Parli- ament! and where ,are they now ! o hear the Word of the Lord , ye low-fpirited People ß Ceafé ye from inan , whofe breath is in his nofhrils : for wherein is he t the be accountedof tf ifa. 2. 23. ] [Curled man that trufteth in man , and maketh flesh his arm, and whole heart departeth from the Lord : For he (hall be like the Hearth in the Delart, and fhall not fee when Good cometh. Blef ed is the man that trufteth in the Lord, and whofe Hope the Lord is : For he l'hall be as a Tree planted by the Waters; &c. era 17. 5,6,7,8e ] [Surely men of Lou degree are Vanity, and men of High degree are a Lye : to be laid in the ballance they are alto- gether lighter then Vanity, Pfal. 6z. 9 ] Let me warn you all, Chriflians, for the time to come, Take the Creature as a Creature : remuas ber its frailty , look for no morefrom it then its part : If you have the nearefl , dearefl , godly friends, expect tofeeithefling oftheir Corrupti- ons, as well as to tag the fweetnefs of their Grace : And they mull expect the like froc you.

To the Poor in Spirit. Ifyou ask me why I fpeakfo much of theft things here ? It is, r. Becaufe I find that much o f the trouble of ordinary Chriflians comes from their Croffes in the Creature , and the fruftration of thefe their finfull expeéations, 2. And becaufe I have faidfo litWeofit in the following Direr` ions, they being intended for the cure ofanother kind of Trouble : therefore I havefaid this much here of this. Having premifedthis advice , 1 take my fey f boundto addone thing more : that is, An Apo- logie for the Publication of this Imperfec Piece : whether full or infufftient , other me; mull judge. I confefs I am fo apprehen [ive o) the Luxuriant Fertility , °or Licencioufnefs of the Prefs oflate,as being a defignofthe Enemy to bury and overwhelm in a croud thofe judi- cious Pious, Excellent Writings that before were fo commonly read by the People, that 1 think fewmenfhould now print without an Apo- logie much lefs frith as I ; who bath more la- mented this inundation of impertinencies ? or more accufed the Ignorance and t ride ofothers that mufl needs difgorge themfelves of all their Crudities, air if they were fuch precious Concepti- ons, proceeding from the Holy Ghofl, that the Worldmight not without very great injury, be deprived of : and it werepity that all men fhould not

To the Poor in Spirit. not be made partakers of them ? And holy coma 1 togo on in thefame fault my felf? Truly I haveno ,Excufe or Argument, but thofe of the Times, Neceffity andProvidence : which how far they may juffifieme,l'muß leave to the lodge. Being in company with a troubled complaining Friend, I perceivedthat itmuff be fame flandw ingCounfel which might be frequently Perufed, that mull fatisfaelorily anfocr the Complaints that Iheard, and not a tranfient Speech, which wouldquickly flip away: Being therefore obliged as a Paffor,andas a Frien4,aradas a Chriflian, to tender my befl aßifiancefor relief, 1 was fud- denly (in the moment of fpeaking) moved to pro- mile one (beet of Paper, which might be ufeful to that End. Which promife when I attempted to perform , the one (beet lengthened to thirty, andmy one daies (intended) work was drawn out to ajuff month. I went on far before I had the leafl thought to let any eye behold it , except the Party for whom 1 wrote it : But at lalf I per- ceived an impoßibility of controlling, and 1 was prefently paff e f fed with confident apprehenfions, that a Copy of thofe Dire6hons might be ufefull to many other of my poor Neighbours and Friends that needed them as much : Upon which apprehenfion I prefently *permitted my Pen to run more at large, and to deviate from the cafe

To the Poor in Spirit. cafe ofthe Party that 1 wrotefor : and to take in the common cafe ofmoll troubled doubting fouls. By that time 1 hadfinifhedit, 1received Letters fromfeveralparts, from learned and :udicious Divines, importuning me toprint more (having tinderflood my Intentions to defif1, as having done toomuch already, even at firfl : ) 1 confefs was not muchmoved by their Importunity, till theyfeconded it with their Arguments whereof one was , The Experience of the fuccefs of former Writings, whichmight affure me it was net difplealing to God. 1 had many that urged me : 1 hadago 414 but myPelf to drawme back. I apprehenaeur that a writing ofthis nature might be ufeful to the manyweak perplexed Chrifiians through theLand. Two reafons did at firft come in againfl it. The fire was, That if there were no more written on this Suhjeci then Docóor Sib's Bruifed Reed, and Souls ConflicT, and .2ír. Jof. Symonds Deferted Soup Cafe and Cure there need no more : Efpecially there being alfo .Doc`lor Preftons Works, and many of Perkins, to this ofe : and Mr. Pall and Culverwel offaith, and divers the like. Te this my own judgement an f ivered That yet thefe brief a areaions might addfomewhat that mt4t be ufeful to the weak, as to the Method of their proceedings, ifnot to the Matter : ,Rnd my

To the Poor in. Spirit. my Brethren- Pelt cry mouth by tellingme , that others had 'written before me of Heaven and Baptism : andyet my labours were not loft. Next this, I thought the crudity andweakaefs .of the Writing momfuck, is lhould prohibit the publi- cation, it being unfit to thrufl upon the World, the bah tindigeflcd lines that were written for the of e of one perfon. To this my theuhts re- plied, That 1.'Fcr all that, it might be au feful to poor Women, and Country people, who moll commonly prove the troubled Jpirits for whole fakes I wrote it. IIad 1 writ for the rife of .Learnedmen, I would have tried to make it fit- terfcr their ufe : andif I couldnot, I wouldhave (uppreled it. 2. It wu my Pride that nott- ri,flied this fcruple, which moved me not to ap- pearf é homely to the World, and therefore 1 caft it by, One thing more I confe fs did muchprevail with me tomake thefe Papers Tublike: and that is, the Antinomians common, confident obtrufion of their Anti- Evangelical clo Trines and method's forcemfortirg troubedfouls. They are the moll notorious ,Mountebanks in this Art, the highefl pretenders, andunhappierperformers, that molt ofthe Reformed Churches ever knew.. And none trlitany are readier to receive their doctrines, then filchweak women or unskilfulpeople, that being in Trouble, are like a lick man in great pain, who

To the Poor in Spirit. who is glad to hear what all can fay , and to make trial of every thing by which he hash any hope ofcafe. Andthen there is fo much opium in thefe Mountebanks Nepenthes, or Antidote of 2efl : fo many principles of carnal Jecurity and prefumption, which tendto the Prefent cafe of the Patient (whatever follow ) that it is no wonder if fame reel-meaning Chriflians do quickly [wallow the bait, and proclaim the rare effects of this Medicament, and the admirable skit ofthis unskilful Seri, to the en fnaring of others efpecially that are in the like drftrefs. Efpeciallj when theymeet with Tome Divines of our own, who do deliver to themfame (A/tafter- points of this Syfeme of c :flakes, which are fo neceffarily concatenated to the refi , that they may eafily fee if they have one they muff have all , unlefs they will hold Contra- dittions. e11s to infiance in the Doctrine ofyollification before Faith : or the dillolviizg the oligation to Punifhment (which is nothing but Remi1'ion o, f (in) before Faith : So that no- thing remains face Chrifis death (asfcme) or face Gods Decree (as others) but onely to have our Pardon manifefled, or to be luflifledin Con- fcience, or (as fome phrafe it) to have that yu/lification which is terminated in Confcience. There is a very yudicious man, tA/tr. Benjam. Woodbridge

To the Poor in Spirit. Woodbridge of Newbury bath written fo ex- cellent !yell againfl this Errour, and in (mall room, being but one Sermon, that Iwould advife all private Chriflians to get one of - them, and perufe it, as one ofthe heft, eafiefl, cheapefl Pre- fervatives a .ainfl the contagion of this part of Antinomianifm. 1 hadnot troubled the Reader with this Apolo- gie, had I thought fo well of this Writing, its to be afuficient Apologie for it fel f : or had 1 not taken it for a hainoau crime to f peak Idly in Print. For the Doctrine here contained, it is of a c/ fiddle /train , between (1 think) the Ex treams offorceothers. 1 have labouredfo tobuild up Peace as not thereby tofortifie Prefumpti- on. Andperhaps in f.ame Pointsyou may fee my meaning more plainly , which through the obfcu- city of former Writings I was mi funderflooí in. Asfor the manner of this Writing, I mull defire them that expect Learning or Exac`i- nefs, to turn away their eyes : and know, that 1 wrote it not for fuch as they. 1 are not tof peat any thing but plain Englifh to that Sex, or to that ufe andEnd for which I wrote thefe Lines. I wrote to the atmofl verge of my Paper , before 1 thought to make it publike , andfo hadno room for Marginal otations, (nor time to tran(cribe that

To the Poor in Spirit. that Copy that 1 might have room) nor indeed much mind of them, if I hadhad both room and time. As in all theRemoves of my Life I have been fir ll ledto that place orAtte whichwas furtheft frommy own thoughts, andnever defgnedor con- trivedby my fel f : fo all the Writings thatyet 1 havepublífhed arefuch ashave been by fame_rid- den unexpetiedoccafion extortedfromme while thole that I mof jelled have been flifled in the Conception : and thole that 1 have molt laboured in, mull lie buried in the dull : that 1 may know it's God that u the Difpofar of all. Experie'ce perfwadeth me to think, that God, who bath com- pelled me hereto, intendeth to make this hafly writing a means for thecalming of forne Trou bledSouls : Which ifhe do, l have my End. If 1 can do nothing to the Churches publick Peace, either through my own unskiifulnefs and unwor- thinefs,or through the prevalency of the Malady : yet will it be my comfort to further the Peaceof thepoorefi Chriftian. (Though to theformer al- fo I [ball contribute my heft endeavours : andans with this fending to the Prefs fome fewiheets to that end , with our Worceflerfhire Agree- ment.) The full accsmpli(hment of both : the fubduing of the Prince of Darknefs, Confufion and Contention : the defraying of that Pride, fell

To the Poor in Spirit. felf-efleem, Pelffeeking,and carnal-mindednefs, which remaining even in the heft, are the diliar- hers of all Peace : the fuller dìfcovery of the fin- fulnefs of impeaceable Principles , Dì(iofitions and Practices : the nearer cloture of all true Be- lievers, and the Wining of the Churches Ever- lafling Peace : Thefe arehis daily Prayers,whoú ,Q zealots de/irer of the Peace of the Church, andof everyfaithfulfoul, May7. 1653. R /CHARD B A X T$ R, C I The

41;414,444,404140444144++44144+404440 The CONTENTS. THE Cafe to be Refolved. Pag.i DIRECTION I. l ifcover the true caufeofyour Trouble. 3 Thecontinued neceeifyofa(landing Miniflry. S DIRECTION IL Difcover well how much of your trouble isfrom Melancholy, orfrom outward Crofes, and ap- ply the Remedy accordingly. DIRECTION III. Lay fcrfl in your under¡landing found and apprehenfions of Gods nature. R The Benefits that ararefrom the apprehenfaons Gods Goodnefs. DIRECTION IV. Get deep apprehenfaons of the Graciota. Newt' andoffice ofthe Mediator. 23 oIItECTION V. Believeandconfider thefull fuficiency of Sacrifice and Ranfom for all. 6 t5 C.3

The Contents. DIRECTION VI. Apprehend the Freenefs , ulnafsandUniveffali- tyof the Lawof Grace , or Conditional Grant of Pardon and Salvation toall men, if they will Repent andBelieve. 27 DIRECTION VIL Underfland the difference between General Grace andSpecial, and between the Pofibility, Pro- babilith Conditional Certainty, and4bfolute Certainty of your Salvation, andfo between thefeveral Degrees of Comfort that thefe Se- verals may afford. 28 How much Comfort the unconvertedmay receive fromGeneral Grace. 32 DIRECTION VIII. Under,fiand rightly the true nature of laving faith. 39 DIRECTION IX. Next perform the Condition by ,dual Be- lieving. 44 Objeet. I am not able to Believe : Anfver- ed. 4S Direc7ionhors toget Faith. 47 ,how far the Prayers of the wickedare accept- able. 48 DIRECTION X. Next Reviewyour own Believing, andthencega- ther Af frsrance. 53 The

The Contents. The wìtnefs of the Spirit, andSpirit of Adopti- on, what they area 55257 Whether it be a Legal departing fromChrift , or any finful trotting in our own Righteoufnefs t gather J eace, Comfort or AfJ'urance fromJì ns within us ? 59 Twenty Arguments proving it lawful to gather Comfort or *ranee uranCe.from Gods Graces inu® DIRECTION XI. cMake ufe in Trial of none but infallibleßg Five certain (igns, together cornprizing the De - fcriptionof a true Chriftian. 7o Twenty obfervable explicatory pointsfor the right underfianding of thefe figns. 72 DIRECTION XII. I. Know, that A rurance of fi or right toSalvation, cannot gatheredfrom the left degree ofPaving Grace. 94 Proved f rom the many exceeding. Difficulties that mull be overcome by all that will (f ranee in ordinary waies : andfrom other Bof- fins. DIRECTION XIII. The firft timeof cur receiving or AEti Adopti- on, Z Grace, andfoof our luftifcation an cannot ordinarily be known. ioS C 4

The Contents. To affirm that faving fincerity ofGrace lyeth but ina Gradual Natural- dife ence,is nodiminu- tion ofthe GloryofGrace. DIRECTION XIV. Iii Know that ., -i furance is not the lot of the ordinary fort oftrue Chrfians, but only ofa fewofthe firongefl, moltalive, watchfull and obedient, Proved. The cblervation ofthe Coale. sions o the Godl in this. f y DIRECTION XV. 1zz Know that eveal _any of the fronger and more ob dient, wh haveAf furanceoftheir Conver_ f on, are yet un4fjured oftheir Salvation , for want ofAf jars ce toperfevere. I28 DIRECTION XVI. Then arem:' ny grounds to di fcover a Probability of flying .Grace y where we cannotyet difcern a Certainty Andyou mull learn, next to the Cornff 'ts ofG trace eneral s o receive the forts of the Probability ofpe foreyou expect or are ripe for the Comforts 7 f /1 f urance, f 9rov_:dd that a Chr, f ian may live a Yoyful L3 e without ffurance. 13.3 DI-

The Contents. DIRECTION XVII. Improveyour own and others Experiences to firengthenyour Probabilities. 138 DIRECTION XVIII. Know that God bath not commandedyou to Be- lieve that you do Believe, nor thatyou areYu- flifled, or fhall bePaved(but only Conditionally) and therefore your Afurance is not a Certainty properly ofDivine Faith. 146 It is not Unbelief or Delperation in Chrifiians which is commonly calledfo. 149 DIRECTION XIX. Know that tholefew that doattain to AfJurance, have it not confiantly. 16o DIRECTION XX. ever expectfo muchAfttrance onEarth acfhall Petyou above allPofsibility ofthe lofs of ¡lea- ven, andabove all apprehenfions of real dan- ger. 163 Theurefulnefs ofApprehenfao» of danger opened. 165 DIRECTION XXI. Begladofafettled Peace, and look not boomuch after raptures andfirangfeelings ofComfort And ifyou havefuch, expect not a confancy ,f them. 175 D I°

The Contents. DIRECTION XXII. Spend more time and care aboutyour Duty then your Comforts , and to get and exercife and increafe Grace then to difcern thecer- tainty of U. 179 DIRECTION XXIII. Think not that thole Doubts andTroubles which are caged and continued by wilful Difobedi- ence,will ever be well healedbut by the healing of that Difobedience, or thatfuch can be cured by thefame means, as obedient DoubtingChri- flians may. 189 Howfara Chriflian can orcannot do the Good he would. 193 Three forts of fins of Infirmity , or fo called , opened. 197 The date of a Cbriflian under profs fin , Doubt- ful. 102 Proved, that Alfurance dependeth much on care- ful obedience And that when all is done,the moll obedient reliever will ordinarily have moll andbell *tranceofhis fincerity andfal- wation. ro6 The Ufe of theformer Direction.. 314 The Doubtings of moll Chriflians that have the free ufeof Reafon, are fed by forcefin. ibid. The fins which Troubled-Chriflians fhould moll leachafter, are ¡/y 1. Con-

The Contents. z. Contrary carnal Interefl , encroaching on Chris Intereft. z. In the Underftanding, enumeratedas againft each perfon in theTrinity. 2. In the Will and ,;/ ffeölions. j. pride. z. Covetoufnefs. 3. Troluptuoufnefs. Theft are confidered hereas againft Godhimfelf, andfo againft the firft Commandment. 2 I7 2. Actual fins again/t the other Command_ meats. Ereciallyfufpect z. Unmercifulnefs_andrigid cenforioufnefs of others. 2. Unpeaceablenefs in Family , .Neighbour- hood, Church, &c. 229 DIRECTION XXIV. Content not yourfelf with a cheap Religioufnefs, and toferve Godwith that which coilyou little or nothing.: Andtake every Call to coftly du- ty or fueerìngfor Chrift , as aprise put into your handfor advancingyour Comforts. 238 Remember this ; z, Inpreventing fin, 2. In ringfromfin. 3. in performance of Duty. 247 DI-

The Contents. DIRECTION XXV. Study thegreat art of DoingGood, and letit be your every-dayes contrivance, care and bufi- nefs, how to lay out all your Talents to the greatefl advantage. 253 Applyed to our Rulers, and to Rich men. 257 DIRECTION XXVI. trouble not your foul with needlef fcruples : Nor makeyourfell more work then Godbath made you., byfeigning that unlawful which God bath not forbidden ; or by placing your Religien in Will-worthip, or overmuch rigour toyour body, &c. 264 What it is tobe righteous over-much ? The Que- flion wfwered, Whether all Vertue be in the middle ? Andwhether we can love or ferve God too much ? 265 c.dll over-doing in Gods work is Undoing. The Devil is molt zealous in over-doing. A fad inflance hoar much the Devil hathgot by over-doing. r. In Dol"irine, againft Ilereticks, by adding to the Creed , and forfaking Scripture- phrafe. 2. In Difcipline. 3. In Government, or Church-porver. 4. In Wor(hiip. 5. In Reformation, efpecially of late. The

The Contents. TheDevilgoes beyondChri fl inalltheft, whenhe oncefals to work. 27® DIRECTION XXVII. When God bath di fcovered your fincerity toyou, fix it inyour Memory , that itmay be ufeful for the time to come ; and leavenot yourfoul open to new crprehenfons Except in cafe ofnotable decliningsorgros finning. 288 Proved,that in thefeexceptedcafes, even theyu- , ¡liftedmay queflion theirsincerity andyuflifi- cation. 289 DIRECTION, XXVIII. Beware ofperplexing mif interpretationsof 1. Scriptures. 2. Providences. 3. Sermons. And be willing that ,Mini/ersfhouldpreachmofl fearchingly and . rouzingly. for the good of others, without mifapplying it toyourfelf. 2`97 DIRECTION: XXIX. Di flinguifh carefullybetween cafes ofDoubting, and caufes of mear Humiliation and Amend- ment : Godcallethyou very often to Humilia- tion, when he callethyounot to Doubting. 310 7'wcnty ordinary D o u B r s Refolved. i. About knowing the timeandmanner ofCon ver fon, 312 2. ,about

The Contents. 2. vfbout Humiliation. 316 3. of receiving Religion by Education. 321 4. ofbout Deadnefs, Hard-heartednefs, andnot weeping for fin. 326 5. About Backwardne f s to Duty , andnot De- lighting in it. 334 6. About doingall out offlavifhfear. 337 7, Not able to Believe. 341 8. Strangenefs to the Witnefs of the Spirit, yo, in the HolyGhofl, andCommunion with God. 341 9. Want oftheSpirit of Prayer. 343 io . Unprofitablenefs. through want of Gifts. 346 I I. Greatnefs of finandunworthinefs. 347 A twofoldWorthinefs andRighteoufnefs. 348 12. Want of a deep Hatred to fin ; : Fear left flronger Temptation would over-threw u . 351 13. Fear of committing the unpardonable fin mainfl the Holy Ghofl. 353 14. Left it be to late, and the time of Gract be pajl. Time of Gracepaß inadouble fenft. 354 15 SinningfinceProfeßion againfl Confcience, on Deliberation. 357 16. Not overcomingCorruptioss, andnot Grow- ingin Grace. 360 17. Blaf-

The Contents. 17. Blafphemous and Unbelieving thoughts. 366 18. Fears of Death. 369 19. Heavy Aft ic` ions: 371 20. Not being Afflicied. 372 DIRECTION XXX. Carefullydifcern whether your Doubts are fuck as mufl be cured by the conßderation ofGeneral or of Special Grace. And befare that when you lofe thefight of Certain Evidence , that you let not go Probabilities : or at the well whenyou are beatenfromboth, and judgeyour felf Gracelefs , yet loft' not the Comforts of General Grace. 376 DIRECTION XXXI. In all prefsing .Necefsities , take the advice of your raHors. 1. Keep it not fecret. 2, In what Cafes to leek advice. 3. To what Ends. q., of what fort of Miniffers, andwhom to avoid. 5. Inwhat manner to openyour Cafe. obje- cions anfwered againf confefsing fin to Paflors. Realms why Minitiers havenot fully acquainted their People with the great duty of confefsing andopening their Cafe to them. 383 DI-

The Contents. DIRECTION XXXII. Under'land that the height of a Chriflian Life, and the greatefl part ofyour Duty, lyeth ins A loving Delight in God, and a thankful' and Chearfull Obedience to his Will: which you mull be full endeavouring ; and fubordinate all other duties to theft. 402 iniflers and Chriflians should keep the Lords day tU a day of Thank(giving for the work of Redemption, andfpendmore of it in Rraifes, Rfalms, Hymns, &c. and lefs in Confefsing, Vic. 410 HowCbriflians wrong Chrifl andReligion , and contradict the main defign ofGrace by their fad dejeaed lives. 412 Standnot Complaining and i oubting,but Chear- fullyAmend andobey. 413 THE

OttWi ffMAIMIQ THE RIGHT METH O D For a fetlecl p E A C E o F COti'SCIENCL And Spiritual COMFORT. In XXXII. DIRECTIONS. Tmul} be underftood, that the Cafe here to be refolved is not, How an unhumbled prophane finner that never was Convinced of Sin and Mifery should bebrought to a fet- led peace of Confcienceo Their Carnal Peace mull firfl be broken, and they mutt be fo far humbled, as to finde the want and worth of Mercy , that Chri% and his Confolations may not feein

2 ViieEliofs forgetting and keeping feem contemptible in their eyes. It is none of my bufinefs now, to give any advice, for the furthering ofthisConvid.ion or Humiliation: But the Cafe i hand is ; Howa Sinner may attain to afetled Peace of Confcience, and f Me competent meafure of the ?oyof the holy Ghofi, who hath been convinced of Sin and ;Wife?' , and long made a ProfefonofHolinefs , bdtt liveth in continual doubtings oftheir fncerity,.andfears of Gods wrath, becagfe of an exceeding Deadnefs of fpirit, and a want ofthat Love to God, and Delight in hin;, andfweetnefs in Duty, and witnefs of theSpirit, and Communion withGod, and other the like Eviden- ces zrí ich arefound in the Saints. How far the party is right Qr wrong in the Difcovery_ofthefe "Wants, I nowmeddle not. Whether they judge rightly or wrongly, the Dire6tioi s may belt feful to them. And thoughI purpofely meddle not with theunhumbled, that feel not the want ofChriít and Mercy, yet molt that fats may be ufeful to all that profefs the Chritli- an faith. for I flail Rudy fo to avoid the extreams in my doctrinal Dire Eons , as ,may: conduce to your efcaping the defperate extreams of Vngrounded Comforts, and Califefs Terrous in your own fpirit. Ofmy Direc`lions, the aft {hall be only General, and the ref} more particular : And in all of them I mutt intreat you, 1. rfo obfervé the Order and Method,, as well as theMatter ; and that youwould pi adife them in the fame order as I place them. 2. remember that it is not only comfortable words, but it is DireElions for your own practice which here I prefcribe you ; And therefóre that it is not the bare Readingofthem that will Cure you : but ifyou mean tohave the benefit of them, you mull bellow

Spiritual Peace and Comfort. 3 bellow more time in Prodding them, then I have done in Ienni1 them : year that f make it the work or your life. And let no tedious to you ; for it will be nomore grievous a work to a well tempered foul, then eating, or drink- ing, or fleep , or recreation is to an healthful Body and then it is to an honefi woman toLove and De- light inher Husband and her Children : which is no grievous task. DIRECTION 1. t. Get tis dear a difcoTeìy as you can of the true Caufe of your Doubts and :trou- bles : for if you {mould mi[lake in the Caufe, it mould much fr'ufgate the molt -excellent means for the Cure. He very fameDoubts and Complaints may come from feveral Caufes in feveral Perfons , and therefore admit not of the fame way ofCure: ` Some -- ` time the Caufebegins in thebody, and the6ce pro- ceedeth to the minde : fometime it beigns in the mind, and thence diftempereth thebody : fometime in the mind it is moll or f;rft from wordly crotfes, and thence proceedeth to-fpiritual things : And of fpiritual matters, fometimes it begins upon fcruples or differences in Religion , or points of D z ` Dottrine.;

4 Direalong forgetting andkeepdna t, Dotrine ; fometimes and moil commonly, from fenfe of our own Infirmities ; fometimes it is only from ordinary Infirmities .; fometimes from fomeextraordinary decaysofinward Grace ; fome- t time from the neglects offome weighty duty ; and fometimes from the deep wounds Of fome Hainous fecret, or fcandalous fin ; And fometimes it is meer- ly from the frefh difcovery of that which before ` we never did difcern ; And fometimes from the vio- lent affault of extraordinary Temptations ; which ofthefe is your own Cafe,you mull be careful to find out, and to apply the means for Cure accordingly. Evenof true Chrifrians, the fame means will not fit all. The differenceof Natures as well as of actual Cafes mull be confidered. One hath need of that tender handling, which would undo another ; and he againhath needof that roufingwhich another cannot tear. And therefore underhand that when I have given you all the Directions that I can, I mutt (in the end hereof) advife you to take the Counfel ofa skilful MiniPter inapplying and makingufe of them ; For it is in this, as in theCafeof Phyfck ; When we havewritten the bell Books ofReceipts, or for Me- thodical Cures, yet we mull advife people to takeheed how they ufe them without the advice of 'a learned and faithful Phyfitian.ForMedicines;muft not beonly fitted to Difeafes, but to Bodies. That Medicine will kill one man, which will cure another of the fame diílemper : fuch difference there may be in their age, flrength, complexion, andother things. So is it much in our prefent Cafe. And therefore as when all the PhyfickBooks in theworld are written, and all Re- ceipts known, yet will there !nail' a Neceiiity of ply4