Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

108 THE GREAT MISERY OF THOSE Thou hast cast away many a warning of God ; wilt thou do so by this also? Take heed, God will not always stand warning and threatening. The hand of revenge is lifted up, the blow is coming, and woe to him on whom it lighteth ! Dost thou throw away the book, and say, it speaks of nothing but hell and damnation ? thus thou usest also to complain of the preacher. But wouldst thou not have us to tell thee of these things ? should we be guilty of the blood of thy soul, by keeping silent that which God hath charged us to make known ? wouldst thou perish in case and silence, and have us to perish with thee, rather than displease thee by speaking the truth ? If thou wilt be guilty of such inhuman cruelty, God forbid we should be guilty of such sottish folly. This kind of preaching or writing is the ready way to be hated ; and the desire of applause is so natural, that few delight in such a displeasing way. But consider, Are these things true, or are they not? If they were not true, I would heartily join with thee against any that fright people without a cause. But if these threatenings be the word of God, what a wretch art thou that wilt not hear it, and consider it ! If thou art one of the people of God, this doctrine will be a comfort to thee, and not a terror. If thou art yet unregenerate, methinks thou shouldst be as fearful to hear of heaven as of hell, except the bare name of heaven or salvation be sufficient. Preaching heaven and mercy to thee, is entreating thee to seek them, and not reject them ; and preaching hell, is but to persuade thee to avoid it. If thou wert quite past hope of escaping it, then it were in vain to tell thee of hell ; but as long as thou art alive, there is hope of thy recovery, and therefore all means must be used to awake thee from thy lethargy. Alas ! what heart can now possibly conceive, or what tongue express the pains of those souls that are under the wrath of God ! Then, sinners, you will be crying to Jesus Christ, " O mercy! O pity, pity on a poor soul !" Why, I do now, in the name of the Lord Jesus, cry to thee, " O have mercy, have pity, man, upon thy own L