Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

WHO LOSE THE SAINT'S REST. 109 soul !" Shall God pity thee, who will not be enteated to pity thyself? If thy horse see but a pit before him, thou canst scarcely force him in; and wilt thou so obstinately cast thyself into hell, when the danger is foretold thee ? Who can stand before the indignation of the Lord? and who can abide the fierceness of his anger ?(11) Methinks thou shouldest need no more words, but presently cast away thy soul- damning sins, and wholly deliver up thyself to Christ. Resolve on it immediately, and let it be done, that I may see thy face in rest among the saints. May the Lord persuade thy heart to strike this covenant without any longer delay ! But if thou be hardened unto death, and there be no remedy, yet say not another day but that thou wast faithfully warned, and hadst a friend, that would fain have prevented thy damnation. (h) Nahum. i. 6.