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SEEKING THE SAINT'S REST. 117 How gently do we handle those sins, which will so cruelly handle Our people's souls! In a word, our want of seriousness about the things of heaven, charms the souls of men into formality, and brings them to this customary careless hearing, which undoes them. May the Lord pardon the great sin of the ministry in this thing! and, in particular, my own! l 8. And are the people more serious than magis- trates or ministers? How can it be expected ? Rea- der, look but to thyself, and resolve the question. Ask conscience, and suffer it to tell thee truly. Hast thou set thy eternal rest before thine eyes as the great business thou hast to do in this world ? Hast thou watched and laboured, with all thy might, that no man take thy crown ? Hast thou made haste, lest thou shouldest come too late, and die before thy work be done? Hast thou pressed on through crowds of opposition towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, still reaching forth unto those things which are before ? Can conscience witness your secret cries, and groans, and tears ? Can your family witness, that you taught them the fear of the Lord, and warned them not to go to that place of torment? Can your minister witness, that he has heard you cry out, " What shall I do to be saved ?" and that you have followed him with complaints against your corruptions, and with ear- nest enquiries after the Lord? Can your neighbours about you witness, that you reprove the ungodly, and take pains to save the souls of your brethren ? Let all these witnesses judge this day between God and you, whether you are in earnest about eternal rest. You can tell by his work, whether your ser- vant has loitered, though you did not see him ; so you may by looking at your own work. Is your love to Christ, your faith, your zeal, and other graces, strong or weak ? What are your joys? What is your assurance ? Is all in order with you ? Are you ready to die, if this should be the day ? Do the souls,