Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

i¡r 118 NECESSITY OF DILIGENTLY among whom you have conversed, bless you ? Judge by this, and it will quickly appear whether you have been labourers or loiterers. § 9. 0 blessed rest, how unworthily art thou neg- lected ! O glorious kingdom, how art thou underva- lued ! Little know the careless sons of men, what a state they set so light by. If they once knew it, they would surely be of another mind. I hope thou, Rea- der, art sensible, what a desperate thing it is to trifle about eternal rest ; and how deeply thou hast been guilty of this thyself: And I hope also thou wilt not now suffer this conviction to die. Should the physician tell thee, " If you will observe but one thing, I doubt not to cure your disease ;" wouldest thou not observe it? So I tell thee, if thou wilt observe but this one thing for thy soul, I make no doubt of thy salvation ; shake off thy sloth, and put to all thy strength, and be a Christian indeed ; I know not then what can hinder thy happiness. As far as thou art gone from God, seek him with all thy heart, and no doubt thou shalt find him. As unkind as thou hast been to Jesus Christ, seek him heartily, obey him unreservedly, and thy salvation is as sure as if thou hadst it already. But full as Christ's satisfaction is, free as the promise is, large as the mercy of God is; if thou only talk of these, when thou shouldest eagerly entertain them, thou wilt be never the better for them : and if thou loiter, when thou shouldest labour, thou wilt lose the crown. Fall to work then speedily and seriously, and bless God that thou hast yet time to do it. And to show that I urge thee not without cause, I will here add a variety of animating consi- derations. Rouse up thy spirit, and, as Moses said to Israel, "set thy hearts unto all the words which I testify unto thee this day ; for it is not a vain thing, because it is your life. "(h) May the Lord open thy heart, and fasten his counsel effectually upon thee ! § 10. Consider how reasonable it is, that our diligence should be answerable to the ends we aim (h) Deut. xxxii. 46, 47.