Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

SEEKING THE SAINT'S REST. 119 at, to the work we have to dog to the shortness and uncertainty of our time, and to the contrary dili- gence of our enemies. The ends of a Christian's desires and endeavours are so great, that no human understanding on earth can comprehend them. What . is so excellent, so important, or so necessary, as the glorifying of God, the salvation of our own and other men's souls, by escaping the torments of hell, and possessing the glory of heaven ? And can a man be too much affected with things of such moment ? Can he desire them too earnestly, or love them too strongly, or labour for them -too diligently ? Don't we know, that if our prayers prevail not, and our labour succeeds not, we are undone for ever ? The work of a Christian here is very great and various. The soul must be renewed; corruptions must be mor- tified ; customs, temptations, and worldly interests, must be conquered ; flesh must be subdued ; life, friends, and credit, .must be slighted ; conscience on good grounds be quieted,; and assurance of pardon and salvation attained. Though God must give us these without our merit, ,yet he will not give them without our earnest- seeking and labour. Besides, there is much knowledge to be got, many ordinances to be used, and duties to be performed ; every age, year, and day ; every place we come to ; every per- son we deal with ;- every change of our condition ; still require the renewing of our labour : wives, chil- dren, servants, neighbours," friends, enemies, all of them call for duty from us. Judge, then, whether men that have so much .business lying upon their hands should not exert themselves; and whether it be their wisdom either to delay or loiter. Time passes on. Yet a few days, and we shall be here no more. Many diseases are ready to assault us. We, that are now preaching, and hearing, and talking, and walking, must very .shortly be carried, and laid in 'the dust, and there left to the worms in darkness and corruption ; we are almost there already ; we know not whether we shall have another sermon, or