Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

SEEKING TIIE SAINT'S REST. 123 . much. The world is mad with malice, when they think, that faithful diligence in the service of Christ is foolish singularity. The time is near when they will easily confess, that God could not be loved or served too much, and that no man can be too busy to save his soul. We may easily do too much for the world, but cannot for God. § 13. Let us farther consider, that it is the nature of every grace to promote diligence, that trifling in the way to heaven is lost labour, that much precious time is already mis- spent, and that in .proportion to our labour will be our recompence. See the nature and tendency of every grace. If you loved God; you Would think nothing too much that you could possibly do, to serve him and please him still more. Love is quick and impatient, active and observant. If you love Christ, you would keep his command- ments, nor accuse them of too much strictness. If you had faith, it would quicken and encourage you. If you had the hope of glory, it would as the spring in the watch set all the whèels of your souls a- going. If you had the fear of God, it would rouse you out of your slothfulness. If you had zeal, it would in- flame and eat you up. In what degree soever thou art sanctified, in the same degree thou wilt be serious and laborious in the work of God. But they that trifle lose their labour. Many who, like Agrippa, are but almost Christians, will find in the end they shall be but almost saved. If two be running in a race, he that runs slowest loses both prize and labour. A man that is lifting a weight, if he put not suffi- cient strength to it, had as good put none at all.- How many duties have Christians lost, for want of do- ing them thoroughly ! .Many will seek to enter in, and shall not be able ;(q) 'who, if they had striven, might have been able. Therefore, put to a little more dili- gence and strength, that all you have done already be not in vain. Besides, is not much precious time already lest? With some of us, childhood and youth (q) Luke xiii. '24.