Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

124 NECESSITI OF DILIGENTLY are gone; with some, their middle age also! and the time before us is very uncertain. What time have we slept, talked, and played away, or spent in worldly thoughts and cares ! How little of our work is done ! The time we have lost cannot be recalled ; should we not then redeem and improve the little which remains ? If a traveller sleep, or trifle most of the day, he must travel so much faster in the evening, or fall short of his journey's end. Doubt not but the recompence will be according to your labour. The seed which is buried and dead, will bring forth a plentiful harvest. Whatever you do or suffer, everlasting rest will pay for 'all. There is no repenting of labours or suffering in heaven. There is not one says, "ZWould I had spared my pains, and prayed less, or been less strict, and done as the rest of my neighbours !" On the contrary, it will be their joy to look back upon their labours and tribulations, and to consider how the mighty power of God brought them through all. We may all say, as Paul, " I reckon that the sufferings, and labours, of this present time, are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us." (r) \''4re labour but for a moment, but we shall rest for ever. Who would not put forth all his strength for one hour, when for that hour's work he may be a. prince while he lives? " God is not unrighteous to forget our work and labour of love. "(s) Will not all our tears be wiped away, and all the sorrow of our duties be then forgotten. § 14. Nor does it less deserve to be considered, that striving is the divinely appointed way of salva- tion, that all men either do or will approve it, that the best Christians at death lament their negligence, and that heaven itself is often lost for want of striving, but is never had on easier terms. The sovereign . wisdom of God has made striving necessary to salva- tion. Who knows the way to heaven better than the God of heaven ? When men tell us, we are too strict, whom do they accuse? God or us? If it were a (r) Rom. viii. 18. (.r) lieb. vi. 10.