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THE SAINT'S REST. 59 thus live for ever ? then will I also love for ever, Must my joys be immortal? and shall not my thanks be also immortal ? Surely, if I shall never lose my glory, I will never cease thy praises. If thou wilt both perfect and perpetuate me and my glory, as I shall be thine, and not my own, so shall my glory be thy glory. And as thy glory was thy ultimate end in my glory ; so shall it also be my end, when thou hast crowned me with that glory which hath no end. " " Unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, and only wise God, be honour and glory, for ever and ever. "(g) 14. Thus I have endeavoured to shew you a glimpse of approaching glory. But how short are my expressions of its excellency ! Reader, if thou be an humble sincere believer, and waitest with longing and labouring for this rest, thou wilt shortly see, and feel, the truth of all this. Thou wilt then have so high an apprehension of this blessed state, as will make thee pity the ignorance and distance of mortals, and will tell thee, all that is here said fall short of the whole truth a thousand fold. In the mean time let this much kindle thy desire, and quicken thy endeavours : up and be doing, run, and strive, and fight, and hold on ! for thou has a certain glorious prize before thee. God will not mock thee; do not mock thyself, nor betray thy soul by delaying, and all is thine own. What kind of men dost thou think would Christians be in their lives and duties, if they had still this glory fresh in their thoughts ? What frame would their spirits be in, if their thoughts of heaven were lively and believing? Would their hearts be so heavy? their countenances be so sad? or would they have need to take up their comforts from below ? Would they be so loth to suffer ; so afraid to die ? or would they not think every day a year till they enjoy it? May the Lord heal our carnal hearts, lest we enter not into this rest, because of unbelief(h) (g) 1 Tim. 1. 17. (h) Heb. iii. 9.