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so THE CHARACTER OF THOSE CHAPTER IV. The Character of the Persons för witona this Rest is designed. § 1. 'Tis wonderful that such rest should be designed for mortals 2. The people of God who shall enjoy this rest, are, (1) Cho. sen of God, &c. § 3. (+?) Given to Christ. § 4. (3) Born again. § 5 -8. (4) Deeply convinced of the evil of sin, their misery by sin, the vanity of the creature, and the all-sufficiency of Christ. § 9. (5) Their will is proportionably changed. § W. (6) They engage in covenant with Christ. § 11. and (7) They persevere in their engagements. § 12. The reader invited to examine himself by the characteristics of God's people. § 13. Further testimony from scripture that this rest shall be enjoyed by the eople of God. § 14. Also that none but they shall enjoy it. 15, 16. And that it remains for them, and is not to be enjoyed till they come to another world. 1 7. The chapter concludes with showing, that their souls shall enjoy this rest while sepa- rated from their bodies. 1. 'WHILE I was in the mount describing the excellencies of the saint's rest, I felt it was good being there, and therefore tarried the longer ; and was there not an extreme disproportion between my conceptions and the subject, much longer had I been. Can a prospect of that happy land be tedious? Having read of such a high and unspeakable glory, a stranger would wonder for what rare creatures this mighty preparation should be made, and expect some illus- trious sun should break forth. But, behold ! only a shell -full of dust, animated with an invisible rational soul; and that rectified with as unseen a restoring power of grace; And this is the creature that must possess such glory ! You would think it must needs be some deserving piece, or one that brings a valuable ,price :.but, behold! one that hath nothing; and can deserve nothing; yea, that deserves the contrary, and would, if he might, proceed in that deserving: but being apprehended by love., he is brought to him that is A11;(i) and most affectionately receiving him, and (i) :Col. iji..11.