Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 1.] THE SAINTS) REST. 103 hard for their great Master ? Surely there is no master like him; nor can any servants expect such fruit of their labors as his servants. And if we wander out of God's way, or loiter in it, how is every creature ready to be his rod to bring us back, or urge us on ! Our sweetest mercies will become our sorrows. Rather thaa want a rod, the Lord will make us a scourge to ourselves; our diseased bodies shall make us groan ; our perplexed minds shall make us restless; our conscience shall be as a scorpion in our bo- som. And is it not easier to endure the labor than the spur? Had we rather be still afflicted, than be up and doing ? And .though they that do most, meet also with afflictions; yet, surely, according to their peaceof conscience and faithful- ness to Christ, the bitterness of their cup is abated. 3. Toquicken our diligence in our work, we should also con- sider, what assistances we have, what principles we profess, and our certainty that we cannever do too much. For our as- sistance in the service of God, all the world are our ser- vants. The sun, moon, and stars, attend us with their light and influence. The earth, with all its furniture of plants and flowers., fruits, birds, and beasts; the sea, with its in- habitants; the air, the wind, the frost and snow, the heat and fire, the clouds and rain, all wait upon us while we :do our work. Yea, " the angels are all our ministering spirits." Nay, more, the patience of God doth wait upon us; the Lord Jesus Christ waiteth in the offers of his blood; the Holy Spirit waiteth, by striving with our back- wardhearts; besides the ministers ofthe Gospel, who study and wait, preach and wait, pray and wait upon careless sinners. And is it not an intolerable crime for us to trifle, while angels andmen, yea, the Lord himself, stand by Lind look on, and, as it were, hold us the candle while we do nothing? I beseech you, Christians, whenever you are praying, or reproving transgressors, or upon any duty, re- member what assistances you have for your work, and then judge bowyou ought toperform it. The principles we pro- fess are, that God is the chief good ; that all our happiness consists in his love, and therefore it should be valued and sought above all things; that he is our only Lord, and thereforechiefly to be served; that we must love him with all our heart, and soul, and strength ; that our great busi- ness in the world is to glorify God, and obtain salvation.