Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

Chap. 8.] THE SAINTS' REST. 123 sweet thoughts wilt thou have of God ! All that greatness and justice which is the terror of others, will be thy joy. How sweet may be thy thoughts of Christ, and the blood he hath shed, and the benefits he hath procured ! How welcome will the word of God be to thee, and " how beau- tiful the very feet of those that bring it!" How sweet will be the promises when thou art sure they are thine own ! The very threatenings will occasion thy comfort, to remem- ber that thou hast escaped them. What boldness and com- fort mayst thou then have in prayer, when thou canst say, " Our Father," in full assurance ! It will make the Lord's supper a refreshing feast to thy soul. It will multiply the sweetness of every common mercy. How comforta- bly mayst thou then undergo all afflictions ! How will it sweeten thy forethoughtsof death and judgment, of heaven and hell ! How lively will it make thee in the work of the Lord, and how profitable to all around thee ! What vigor will it infuse into all thy graces and affections, kindle thy repentance, inflame thy love, quicken thydesires, and con- firm thy faith; be a fountain of continual rejoicing, over- flow thy heart with thankfulness, raise thee high in the de- lightful work of praise, help thee to be heavenly-minded, and render thee persevering in all ! All these sweet effects of assurance would make thy life a heaven upon earth. Though I am certain these motives have weight of rea- son in them, yet I am jealous, reader, lest you lay aside the book as if you had done, and never set yourself to the prac- tice of the duty. The case in hand is of the greatest mo- ment, whether thou shalt everlastingly live in heaven or hell. I here request thee, in behalf of thy soul; nay, I charge thee in the name of the Lord, that thou defer no longer, but take thy heart to task in good earnest, and think with thyself, " Is it so easy, so common, and so dangerous to be mistaken ? Are there so many wrong ways ? Is the heart so deceitful ? Why then do I not search into every corner, till I know my state ? Must I shortly undergo the trial at the bar of Christ; and do I not presently try my- self? What a case were I in, if I should then miscarry ? May I know by a little diligent inquiry now; and do I stick at the labor ?" But perhaps thou wilt say, " I know not how to do it." In that I am now to give thee direc- tions; but, alas ! it will be in vain if thou art not resolved