Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

124 OUR TITLE TO [Chap. to practise them. Wilt thou, therefore, before thou goest any further, here promise, before the Lord, to set thyself upon the speedy performance of the duty, according to the directions I shall lay down from the word of God ? I demand nothing unreasonable or impossible : it is but to bestow a few hours, to know what shall become of thee for ever. If a neighbor, or a friend, desire but an hour's time of thee in conversation, or business, or any thing in -which thóu mayst be of service, surely thou wonldst not deny it; how much less shouldst thou deny this to thy- self in so great an affair ! I pray thee to take fromme this request, as if, in the name of Christ, I presented it to thee on my knees ; and I will betake me on myknees to Christ again, to beg that he will persuade thy heart to the duty. 4. The directions how to examine thyself are such as these : Empty thy mind of all other cares and thoughts, that they may not distract or divide thy mind. This work will be enough af once, without joining others with Then fall down before God in hearty prayer, desiring the assistance of bis Spirit, to discover to thee the plain truth of thy condition, and to enlighten thee in the whole pru gress of this work. Make choice of the most convenient time and place. Let the place be themost private, and the time when you have nothing to interrupt you; and,, if pos- sible, let it be the present time. Have in readiness, either in memory or writing, someScriptures, containing the de- scriptions of the saints and the Gospel-terms of salvation ; and convince thyself thoroughly of their infallible truth. Proceed then to put the question to thyself. Let it not be, whether there be any good in thee at all; nor, whether thou hast such or such a degree and measure of grace; but whether such or such a saving grace be in thee in sincerity or not. If thy heart draw back from the work, force it on. Lay thy command upon it. Let reason interpose, and use its authority. Yea, lay the command of God upon it, and charge it to obey upon thepain of his displeasure. Let con- science also do its office, till thy heart be excited to the work. Nor let thy heart trifle away the time, when it should be diligentlyat the work. Do as the psalmist ; " My spirit made diligent search." He that can prevail with his own heart, shall also prevail with God. If, after all thy pains, thou art not resolved, then seek out for help. Ga