Baxter - BV4831 84 F3 1830

r 36 THE PREPARATIVES [Chap. 2. the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." Every word is full of life and joy. "Come" this is the holding forth of the golden sceptre, to warrant our approach unto this glory. Come now as near as you will; fear not the Bethshemite's judgment; for the en- mity is utterly abolished. This is not such a " Come" as we were wont to hear, " Come, take up your cross, and follow me." Though that was sweet, yet this is much more. " Ye blessed" blessed indeed, when that mouth shall so pro- nounce us ! For though the world hath accounted us ac- cursed, and we have been ready to account ourselves so; yet certainly those that he blesseth are blessed ; and those whom he curseth, only, are cursed, and his blessing cannot be reversed. " Of my Father" blessed in the Father's love, as well as the Son's; for they are one. The Father hath testified his love in their election, donation to Christ, sending of Christ, and accepting his ransom, as the Son hath also testified his. " Inherit" no longer bondsmen, nor servants only, nor children under age, who differ not in possession, but only in title, from servants ; but nowwe are heirs of the kingdom, and joint heirs with Christ. "The kingdom" no less than the kingdom ! Indeed, to be King of kings, and Lord of lords, is our Lord's own proper title; but to be kings, and reign with him, is ours. The enjoyment of this kingdom is as the light of the sun; each has the whole, and the rest never the less. " Pre- pared for you"God is the Alpha, as well as the Omega, of our blessedness. Eternal love hath laid the foundation. He prepared the kingdom for us, and then prepared us for the kingdom. This is the preparation of his counsel and decree; for the execution whereof Christ was yet to make a further preparation. "For you" Not for believers only in general, who, without individual persons, are nobody ; but for you personally. " From the foundation of the world" not only from the promise after Adam's fail, but from eternity. Thus we have seen the Christian safely landed in para- dise, and conveyed honorably to his rest. Now let us a little further, in the next chapter, view those mansions, consider their privileges, and see whether there be any glory like unto thisglory.