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ChrijlianReligi01i proved by Reafon. ~ tipm of the World be Bleffed. That Seed was the Mefiiah, not the People of tbe ,>Jews C~ap-4- defcended fromAbraham: For they. were [afar from being a Univerfal Biefiing to the ~ \'VQrld, that on the contrary they vainly prefum'd that God for their fakes defpis'd the relt ·of Mankind. And indeed before the coming of Clmll: they were a.n inclofed Garden, the peculiar People of God, and without the compafs of 1ud.- Sin reign'd Abfolmely and Unive~fal\y. Now that promife clearly fignifies, that the Favour and Blefiing of God that heconferr'd upon .Abraham inmakmgknown to him his Will, and Promifing to be his God, and of bis Pof\erity, lhould one Day be extended to all Nations, Gm. 49 ,,o. by calling them to bisKnowledge and Service: To this agrees the Prophefie of}u:ob: The Scepter ftJaU 110t depart fi'om Juda, nor the Lawgiver from between hit Feet, till Shil. come, a11d to hint j!Jalt the ,gathering of the People be: That is, rhe Genii/et !hall be converted from tlkir- Idols to the true God by the Mefiiah, whom the Jews acknowledge to be, fignified by that Title. And Mofer introduces God as complaining of the Idolatry and DM. p:2r . '~~~rG~~d~b~; ~:V}~~~of:i ::~l~~nj~g;;e~~'7:et~:o;:.edV::~~t~:Zc;:fj :~t :,~ ~Z;~! 1ealoNfte witb tbofe whicb arc not a People, and I will frOVo~ th~m to .Anger with d. foolifh Natiou. The external Covenant between God and Ins People JS reprefented by the Union of Marriage, to Ggnifie rhe Opty they o;ve to God_, the highell: Honour, the moll: ardent AffeCbons, and the Be!1efits they recetve fro.m. lum. Therefore when the Jews gav~ Divjne Adoration, the h1ghef\ refpech of Reltgton, to ldols, they provok'd God to Jea\onfie ~ and he threatens he would break his Alliance with them, and gtve his Heart and Love to thof; which were no; a People;, and by the Law of Counter-Pailion they !hould be provok d to Jealouue. J'1s very_ vtuble t!lefe expreilions Ggmfie the calling of the Ge11tilu. ~nd David by the fame .Infptratwn,, m many Pfalmr celebrates the Kingdom of the Me!ltah . In Pfal. 22, he !S mtroduc d, fpeaking, My Praife f/Jall be of thee in the great Congregati01t ; ~ll the ends of t!-1eWorld ]ball remember., and turn 11nto the Lord ; aU the kjnd>·cclr of the Na11atts fbal! Wo>j/Jip before thee. And m the 67. Pfal. God be mercifid to111 , and blefs 111, andcaufehit Facetojhine11ponm. Selah. That tby way may ~ fwown "P"'' Earth, a11d thy Saving Health among all NatiMr. Let the People · Praife thee, 0 God, let all the People Praife th~e. The Pr~phet Efa; in his Revelations clearly ip~aks of the great defign ofGod to bnng the Gwtdet to hJS Serv tee. Thus in the fe- <)Ond Chapter 'tis Propheucd; Andit (hall come to pafi in the /aft Dap, that the Mo>tntain 'J:U!~h~~[f;t,.H01 f.J'"::a;et.;~:~:t ;: :~d i.;. "£~:yz::o;;;~:;; "::.dJ::a~::,:~~t~ the Lord, to the Hmt[e of the God of Jacob, and he wiU teach 11< hit Wap, a11d we wilt . :pal/z in hit Pathr: For Dllt of lion jhaU go forth the liird, and the Sword of the urd ont of JeJufalem. . . And atll{jng all the ref\ none IS more clear and exprefs than what JS recorded in /fa. 49 . Tbere firf\ the Me!li~h is reprefented as declaring his Commifiion from God to go to the Pea,. pie of Jfrael; The Lrd hath caf!ed me front the Womb, from the Bowelr of my Mother hath b~ ml{de,htentiof! of f!JJ N4n{e, ·~ ttm/ he [aid unto me, Thou art my Servant in whom I will be glO>·!fied. ·And after >cqmplains of the obflinacy of the ingrateful Syna. gogue; J;hp> I faid, I htWe laboured i11 vain, I have fpent niJ Jlrength for 11ought and in vain, )ct'fi,re/Y "!!~ 1"dg'l,tent if with the ur,d, and my Wor/zwith God. And immedi ately 'l.fier,.'ris,<t.JJosl, 4/1d now faith the urd·that form'd mefrom the Womb to be hir Servdtlt, ~:;::} t!:c'2r"J,"i;r~.:G~d~~ffhke~~;ftr::;~ g~!'det; J.;t~;l £ :e ~~~;io;hi,: ::; thillfoould'ft be '"Y Servant, to raife •P the Triber pf Jacob, and to rejlore the prefervcd of {C,ael ;., I MU alfa ~ive thee for' a L_igP,t to the Gentiler, that thou may'ft be my Salvation to the end;pf.Jf•e1Earth;. :r~isOracle l?. .P.tecife and full ; for it fpeaks of the Nations in oppofltj·qn ·tO t)le 1'rib~s of Jfrael, and d~rea!y foretels that the ]ewr would negleCl: the infuuCl:ions of the Melfiah, and ih;tt upo"! their Infidelity God would by the Me[fiah give Saving Knowledge to all Nations. And in the fame fenCe he [peaks in the 54th Chapter : Sing, 0 B~ttren, t.hou that didft_ ·not bear; ·. brea4..,fiJrth into Singi11g~ and crf alo11d thoM that didjl notTravcl w~thChild; Fcr,tJ1orc arc the Children of the dc(olate thm of the Married, faith the L!rd. ,, Who JS_tl)_e J)efolate and Barren, but the GC11tt!er without God in. the World, wJ»Ics t)11; 1ews '~ere honour'd and b\ef\ in the Myf\ical Marriage with ~~~[~ ~t"!:~:r;~:X.'~~;I~~~"Be~fe'J~;/~1a~~~ ~~~i~a0~1~1~~rcf~r ~~o~~~~~:~~~u~;hJ,~ Jewilh Church? fi nd. the other fusceeqing ·Prophets concur in this PrediCl:ion. Malachy -th'e }ai\:fpeakso,f ,it in fuch expre[s t)rms, as are capable to convince :my that does not wi\ .. .fulhe'>renounce[thc u\eiofhis Ey,es and Underflanding. After God is introd uc'd rejeCling the -'JIIfs, 'andtb~ir TemJl\C~ervice, Ihavenopleafi~re il;;•ott,Jaith the Lord of Hojls, 11either ~ '· ~