Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 77 ) Lords Table that refufeth to be examined by us, whether he be ready to be Confirmed, (fave Infants.) And in that rz. chap. S. 25, 26, 27. p. 473. Spalatenfis again lheweth,that thePower of the Keys for binding andloofing, belongeth toBifhops and Presby- ters as Minifters. And though he referve the Publick, ufe of them to the Bifhop, he faith, that he may commit it toaPresbyter: For it is Mixt, and hath partly theExternal yurifdillion which the Bifhop received byhisproper EFT copal Ordination; and partly, yeamuch rather (or more) the Internal, by the Keys, which they have by virtue of their Presbyterial Ordination, in equality with the Presbyters. The External, becaufe it isExternal, may therefore bede- legated to another, even a Lay-man : (which is it, whichthe Parliament of Scotland have lately declared tobe in the King.) Anddothnot all this thew whatEpifcopacy is? Evena Magiftrates Office, Circa-Sacra, vindicated by Grotius and others. But (faith he) they cannot delegate the inwardpower which is properly ofthe Keys, becaufe this dependeth of the Sacred Presbyterial Order, both in fieri, ineffe, ire confervarid- operari. For the Presbyterial Or- der hathalways the Keys annexed. For when any is Ordained Presbyter, theKeys aregiven him, and yurifdiftion, withOrders, by DivineRight. And S. 28. p. 474- Seeing the Apoflles gave the Keys equally to all Bops and Presbyters,_ No man can by Divine Right, referve part ofthe Keys to himfelf alone, and leave another part to others. Moreover in lib. 2. c. 3. §. 6i..p. 210. He fheweth that Clement, Linus, and Anaclettes, were all Bifhops inRome at once. Lib. 2. c. 9. §. r. p. 28z. He theweth,. that Ri(hopsanclPresbytersare' wholly equal in all Effentials, whichbelong to the Ecclefiet lical Minifiries to be exercifed towards the People. And that even inGovernment, the refl of the Presbyters (without excepting any) inevery Church make one College, ofwhich the Bifhop is theHead; all Ordained to the fame Cure and Government ofSouls. (So this Diocefs hath between a thoufand and two thoufand Minifters, li- ving force of them an hundred or fixfcoreMiles diftance, to make aCol- lage to the Bifhop that is ufüally at London.) How the Bifhop isbound to Govern with them, fee him, S. 4. And §. 5. Tobe plainly underftood, he faith, We Bifhops therefore muß all remember, that 1111 the Presbyters are our Brethren, andCollegues in the Miniflry ; not our Servantsor Slaves, and that by Divine Right they have, no lefs power in feeding the people ofGod thanwe have: Andifwe exercifeany Deter- is nal ampler yurifdillion over them, not properly Ecclefiafiical, it is not ofour own power, bite delegated from the Magifirates power, as I (hall prove lib. 6. and io. Yet plainer, §. 8, 9. p. 285. TheftParifhPresbyters have byDivine Righe, full Power in the Minif ry of Chrtfl, and in thefe Parifhesare the Ordinary .411- aifiers, butunderthe Bifhop. For the alone loath a GeneralEccleßaffical" Government to fettle Minifters in their Diocefs But being applyod to the Government of their Church, they have the ordinary power, but Presbyterial in that Church..----By poftive Right only Bops are deputed to certain Seats. Tot