Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

) mination of'Circumftances according toHumaneRight, directly andprim' cipa Iy for outward'and not for inward eee£ls, it is the Bithops Jurifdiftion. So thatreally hemaketh the Bilhop, as fuck,to be but the Mafter of Order and Ceremonies, where the Magiftrate doth not do it himfelf, and where it belongethnot to the Officiating Pallor as inch. His cap. 4. is toprove thatthe power for Internal Effects of Grace in the ChurchbÿExternal ans, is exercifedonly. Minifterially, by Minifters as fuch, Inftanced cap: 5. in Baptifine cap. 6. in the Lords Supper, cap. 7;. in Confefons and Penance ; andcap. 9. in that Excommunication which is the exercifeof theKeys (for he miftaketh in excluding Baptifm from theKeys, which indeed is the firft nib for intromiffion.) Cap. iz. He a- gain purpofely fheweth who are the Minifters of each Ordinance. And firftagain Vindicateth his Unitingof Order and proper fúrifdiftionEccle fiaftical as before. §. 4 p. 465. Heconfidently faith, that to him it is a molt certain thing that the power of Order, is of the Word, Sacrament and Keys, and that it is, plena, tota, integra, fully, totally, intirely in every Bifhop and lawful Pref. byter. §. 22.p. 472. He fakir, that Cònfarmation is neither a trueSacrament, but a part ofthe Ceremonies ofBaptifm ; nor isit at allof Divine,bat of humane Er- cleftaflical Infiitation ; nor doth itfappofe any fpecial powergivenbyGod to him thatadminiflreth-it, for any fpecial fupernatural eat. But the Church for honour referveth this Ceremony to the Bithop. And §. 24. He faith, [And-why areBifhopsfe rigid that theywill not per- mit ta their Parifh Minifters theFaculty ofConfirming, fpecially when they them tYea,ne.(elvescome very feldome t into thafe Part to vift. And verily thofe Bifháps verinto whichhave large Dioceffs ofChriflinns, in theTurkifh Dominions, as my Arch one BifhoprickofSpalato, ought (ifthis. Ceremony were ofanygreat account) togive tenor,af theirPare Mina ers there living free powerof Confirming Tea if the Bi- twenty. or. . .i 1> Ì p .f . g Î _hops deny it them, the ParifhMinifiers may andought to exercife this Ceremo nyby. their own Authority. And here I will tell Polterity,that ifwe couldhave.but got our. Frelates, &c. tohave Confirmed to us but one Word, which the King granted us, pro tempore,- only inhis Declgr. of Ecclef. Affairs; viz.. thatConfrmationas a folemn Tranfition from Infant Church- State, into the Adult,. Ihould tie . but by the Minifters GCO SENT]. (as knowing his People better than the Bifhop . that never before faw them,, or heard of them, or examined' them) it had healed oneof thegreateft ofour Breaches : Butour Concord was not thoughtworth this little price; . Though there is not in all the places that ever 1 lived in, one Perfon of an. hundred. (if five hundred). thatI can hear of, that ever wasConfirmed,, or ever fought it or regard- ed it. And yet their Rubrick faith, that we muft not give the Lords Sufi- - pertoany that are notCeuftrmed, orr readyfor it : Yet have we nopower to requireofany.Mana:Proof or Certificate of his Confirmation,. nor, can we know.whether,he be Confirmed.ornot ;:. Nor can werefufc any at. the Lords;