Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 94 ) place Where they came ?` or to the place where they dyed ? Judge what is theproof ofany of thefe. Q g. When they were fcattered, which of their Seats was the Metropolitan to the reft ? or were they all equal? Q lo. If the Power followed the Civil Power of the MetropolitaneRu- 1ers, whether Cafar did not more in conftituting the Church-Order, and giving power comparativelyto the Metropolitanes, than Chrift and his Apoftles? Q. t t. Whether it was not in Cafar's power to unmake all the Church Metropolitans and Bifhops at his pleafure; _by diffolving the Priviledges andCharters of Cities ? Q. ta. if it pleafe any King, or be the Custom of any Kingdom (as it is in manyparts of America) that the Kingdom haveno Cities or Metropolis,whether it mutt have anyChurches, Bifhops, or Metropolitane? .Q 13. Whether whenPaul wrote his Letters from Corinth toRome he thereby made theBifhopof Corinth the Governour of the Bithop and Diocefs of Rome ? And whether little Cenchrea was over them alto, becaufe Phoebe carried the Letter? And did.his writing from Philippi to Corinth fubjeét Corinth to the Bifhop of Philippi ? And did his writing fromRome toGalatia, Ephefus, Philippi, the Coloffians; and from Athens to the "Theffalonians, and from Laodicea and Rome to Timothy, and from Nicopolis to Titus, and ,john's writing from Patmos to the AlanMe- tropolitanes produce the fame effect? 14. If Paul's carrying the Letters from Antioch to other Cities, provedAntioch the Governour of the reft ? whether when he returned from the other to Antioch again, he made not the other the Governours of Antioch? I am afhamed to profe- cute this Fiaion any further. His following Citations from the Fathers I think unworthy of an Anfwer, till it be proved, t. That thefe Fathers took the Metropolitane Order, as finch, to be of Apoftolical lnftitution, and net in compiyance with the Roman Government, by meer humane, al- terable policy. And, Z. That this Opinion rote as early as he pretend_ eth. ;. And that these Ancients were not deceived, but our Englifh chops rather ( Bitfon, jewel, -ce c.) who took Patriarchs and Metropoli- tanes, as inch, for Creatures of Humane Original While Ignatius his beit)g Bifhopof [a Church in Syria] Ihali prove him the Bifhop of all Syria ; and [ the Church. of God dwelling in Syria in An- tiochia] (hall be equivalent with [the Church in Aptiochia governing all Syria] I (hall not undertake to hinder filch men from proving any thing that they would have believed. His Cap.. 6. of the promifcuous ufe of the Names of Bifhop and Presby- ter, andCap. 7. that prepareth the Rating of the Controverfie, need no anfwer, bur to fay, that we deny not but where a fingle Presbyter was, tie had himfelf the power of Governing, that Church; but where there were many, though all had the full Office feverally, they were bound to tie it in Concord. And whether one amongft them (hall have a prece- dency or guidance of the reft, we think (as Dr. Stillingfleet bath proved) to be a matter alterable by humane prudence, according to the various condition of the Churches : Arid if any take both inch Bifhops and Arch- .bifhops