Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 9.6 ) Philippi where there was no Bifhop, but in. other Cities of Macedonia that had every one a Prelate without ever aPresbyter under him.] With fouie this expounding may go for modeft, if not true. Two probable Arguments I objet againft his improbableExpofitions of this Text and that4Ets ao. before mentioned : a. Where did he ever read that all the Province of Macedonia was called Philippi ; and the Saints faid to dwell at Philippi that dwelt all over Macedonia? z. Wheredidhe ever read in Scripture many EpifcopalChurches under one Metropolitan, cal led One Church in the fingularNumber, as in Xis zo.'.28. or One Flock either ? 3. Will any knowing man deny that he contraditeth not only Flierom and 7heodoret, but the common Expofitionof the Fathers, by this his oddOpinion? And isit not grofs partiality for the fameman thatcan fo entity calf off the judgment of almoft all the Ancients at once, to lay fo much of the whole ftrefs ofhis Diocefan andMetropolitan Caufe up- on the Fathers affertions, yea doubtful reports ; and to take it for fo im modelt a thing in others, to deny belief to them in fuch uncertain mat- ters? But he fetteth Epiphanius his words againft ei£rius againft them all : Even that Epiphanies who ordained in the Bifhop of ,Yerufalem's Diocefs to his difpleafure, and that combined with that Theophilus Alexand. (ofwhom Socrates writeth fuch horrid and unchriftianpratices) to root out Chryfo- flow, and raife a flame in theChurchof Conflantinople; who I iker a mad man than a fober Bifhop, came from Cyprus not only into the City, but the Church where Chryfoflom ufed to officiate, to inflame his people, and de- clame againft, and csfure their Bifhop, to whom he was an inferiour; and that parted with him in a wrathful Prognoftick, and dyed by the way home: And yet even thisone man faith nothing to his advantage, hutthat' the Apoftles placed'Bithops only with Deacons in form Churches that had not fit men to make Presbyters of : which we not only grant, but doubt whether ever they madeany but Bifhops, (though ingreat Cities there were many of.them.) And §.8, 9, to. when it feemed to ferve his turn, he yet further grati- fleth us, bygranting, yea maintaining that one Congregation had not two Bifhops, yet [nothinghindrethbe that in the fame City there might fometimes be two diflinli Affemblies, converted by two Apoftles, perhaps ofdiflinli dialeells and rites, and thefe governed by diflinil Bithops, witha dividedor diflinft Cler- gie,] which is almoft as much as We delire. If anymore be neceffary he granteth it us, §. t I. where having feigned and not proved that thepeo- ple of all the Provinceof Macedonia were faid by Paul to be at Philippi; he confeffeth that then every City had a Bithop, and none of thofe that we now call Presbyters. And it -is more this Ballard fort ofPresbyters Office that we deny than the Bithops : And granting this he grants us ail; even that then there was no fuchhalf Officers, nor Bithops that had the rule of any Presbyters : which he further proveth, S. 19, 20, 21. And by the way, 5.56,17. he giveth us twomore Obfervations, I. That thearu;lcxauoíu gave