Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 97 ) gave precedencyto fome Churches. Where I would learn whether the Holy Ghoft ltill obferved the order in converting men, to begin at the higheft Metropolis, and defcend byorder to the loweft; and fo to the Villages ? Or whetherour Doctor do not here contradiEt what he laid before, of the Apoftles everywhere difpofing of the Churches according to the Civil Metropolitical Order ? I doubt his memory here failedhim. z. Philippi and Theffalonica being both in Macedonia, and thefe Epiftles being each written to all the Province, we hence learn that the Epiftle to theTheffalonians, and that to the Philippians, were written to the fame men. Whether each Epiftle, Rev. 2. & ;. to the leven Churches of Afia 'was written to all Afia, and lb all the faults charged on all that are char- ged on any one, I leave to your arbitrary belief. For none of thefe are proved, whatever proof is boafted of. Cap. t s. he further gratifieth us in expounding I Tim. 3. in the fame manner, One Bithop with Deacons then ferving for a whole Diocefs, that is for one Affembly, not having fuch a thing as a half Presbyter fubjeft to any Bithop. Cap. 1z. he is as liberal in expounding Tit. t. By Elders in everyCity, is meant a tingle Bifhop that had no half Presbyter under him, and whole Diocefs had but one Aflèmbly. We are not fo unreafonable as to quar- rel with this liberality. Cap. 3. And about Heb. 13. weare as much gratified in the Expolition of the word [ñyx/ vo:] of which more afterwards. And Cap. 14, and is. he faith the fameof Howe and AtAlo cxnor, Paftors andTeachers, that theyboth are meant of none but Bifhops. And that Presbyters now adays are permitted and tyed to teach the people, and infiruët themfrom the Scriptures, thisapparently arofe Bence, that Bifhops in ordaining Presbytersgave them that power, but not to be exercifed till lieenfed by the Bifhops Letters.] Of this deteftable Opinion (worfe than the Italians in theCouncil of Trent, that would have derived the Epifcopal Power from thePope) I have faid Tome- what before, and intend more in due place. The Bifhops do only mini- Iterially give them poffeßìon : Chrift is the only Inftituter of the Office by himfelf ( and his Spirit in his Apoftles.) Can the Bifhops any more chufe to deliver this polTeffion by Ordination, than to preach the Gofpél ? Could they have made Presbyters that had no power to teach the people ? Is the Bithops liberality the original of the Office ? Howmuch then is Chrift beholden to Bifhops, that when a thoufand Parifhes are in fome one of their Diocetfes, they will give leave to any Presbyterto teach any of the people? and that when eighteen hundred of us were filenced in one day (Aug. 24. 1662.) that all the reft were notferved fo too? Cap. 16. he exercifeth the fame naked affirming Authority of the words [Aidinifiers of the word] Luke 1.2. and Stewards] all are but Bifhops. And he asketh whether ever manheard ofmore Stewards than ogee-in one /swift? or of feveral bearers ofone Key? And he forefaw that we would teil him that Gods Catholick Church is one Houle of God, and that at leaft all the O Apoftles