Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 104 ) Cap. 7. Whether Clemenswell cited lfai: 6o:17. we need not debate. But if yet any think that the Dr. hathnotfully granted us. our Caufe, let him take thefe additions : §. 7. He well gathereth from Clemens that this form of Government, fouttdedinBifhops and Deacons (in each Church) being felled byMen entrufled byChrifá, is no left to beafcribed to Gods Command than if Chrift himfelf had cenflitutcd Bifhops and Deacons in every City. (Letwho dare thenapprove of the alteration by the Introduction ofanother Order ofPriefts.) And S. 8. Henoteth alto out of Clemens that the forefight of thecontention that would be about Epifcopacycaufed this eftablifhment of Bifhops and Deacons : No doubt God foreknew both that the popular fort would oppofe Covernment, and that the Monarchical Prelates would depofe all the Bifhops of the fame Church fave themfelves, and the Arch - Prelates would depofe all the Bifhops of particular Churches, and fet up half Priefts in their head. And he doth well not to pals the follow. ing words in Clemens (though hard, yet plainly fubverting the Doctors opinion) that from this fame forefight the Apoftles conftituted the forefaid Bifhops and Deacons (in every Church) o ì évnvoH lu dJd narrv, &c ac defcriptas deinceps mìnifirorsim officiorumq; vices reliquerunt, set in defunElorum locum alii viri probati fuccedere, & ¡forummania exequi poffene, (as Pat.7u- nius tranflateth it.) The word [senvotota) ] can allow no fuch doubt as Ihall maketthis much of the fenfe to be queftionable, i. That upon the forefight of the,Contentions about Epifcopacy the Apoftles made (by the Spirit) an eftablifhed Defcription of the Orders and Offices which fhould 'be, in theChurch, not only in their times, but afterwards. 2. And that the approved men thatfhould hereafterbe ordained, fhould fucceed in thofe fame Orders which the Apoftles had eftablitlied and defcribed, even to the fameWork or Office, (Tim) Tc+7epylooä,ntm'. ) 3. Thatthe Apoftles thus fetled or defcribed no mungrel or half Priefts, but only Bithops and Dea- cons, nor any Churches that had not each a Bifhopand Deacon. 4. There- fore no fuchhalf Priefts fhould be brought in, but only fuch as the Apó- iles inftituted or defcribed. I can fcarce fpeak my thoughts plainlier, than by the Donors next words, § 9, [ It is evident that by the immediate impulfe of the ,Spirit of God Bifhops were conflituted (Deacons only joyned to them) in every Church, and Jo at Corinth, and there'll ofthe Cities of Achaia : And that by the command of the fame Divine Prophefìe'or Revelation, fucceffors were affgned to them after their departure ;(not a roworder invented)Chrifl thus confulting and providing for the Churches peace, &c.] And. §. 14. he well granteth, 1. That theform ofChurch Government wasno where changed by the Apojiles (and fono middle or- der inflituted by them.) a. That throughall their Age, and when they were confummate in the middle, Under their Difciples, the Government ofevery, Churchwas in at:. 'power of theBifhops and Deacons incommon. Eutwhereas §. r;, &c.he Iayeth this as the ground ofhisCaule,o.Thatit was not theChurch at Corinthalone,but of allAchaia thatClemens writeth for under this name. a.,And that there were not many Bifhops in one Church, but