Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

but one to eachof thefeparticular Churches : I delire the Reader, r. To try impar, tially whether in all the Drs. Book there be one wordof cogent Evidence to prove what he faith, yea or tomake it credible or likely. 2. To confider thefe Reafons fol- lowing for thecontrary. r.As is faid,wlrether Scripture cultom will allow us to call all theChurch- es ofa Region [A Church], in the (jugular Number : Shew one Text for it if youcan. 2. Whether any ancient Ecclrüaitical ufe of fpcech will allow us to fay that the Churches ofAchaia dwell at Corinth(as Clemens fpeaketh, p. t.). 3. Whether I havenot proved from r Cor. ; 4. &c. that the Church of Corinth had moreMinilters,. or Clergy men., or Paltors in it than one in Paul's time ? And therefore was no without fo loonafter. 4. Whether it be credible that MILLI it was but one or two Perfons(p.62.) by whom or for whole caufe the Prerbyters were ejefted; that it is like either this one or two were members of more particular Churches in Achaia than one or two? Or that all the Churches of Achaia.would fo far own one or two mutineers in a par- ' ticular Church, as to call out many oftheir Minilters for their fakes ? s. Yea when Clemens whole fcope intimateth that this one or two did this be- came they afpired afterPower or Preeminence themfelves : Could they expeft thetn- felves tobe made theRulers ofmore than one or twoChurches? 6. And what was the caufeof this oneor two like to touch the Bifhops of the o- ther Churches ? And what Cognifance wasall Achaia like to have of the caufe of one or two diftant perfons, fo as for them to rifeupagainft their own Bilhops. . 7. If it was not all nor manyPaltors that were thus turned out (as Clemenswords import) why lhould all Achaiabe called feditious, and blamed for it? 8. Doth not the common Lawof Charityand Juftice forbid us to extend thofe words of reproof too. whole Province, which cannot be proved to extend farther than to aTingle Church, and principally toucht but oneor two. 9. I have beforeproved that Paul by [the Saints at Corinth]. meaneth but one Church : Therefore it's likethat Clemens doth fo too. so. The Bifhops andDeacons thatClemens fpeaketh of, were fet up ou4d,'dbxnod_ ove 71'4 Ux,noías aáont, Cam confenfu totius Ecclefe, oras the Dr. will needs have it [applaudente ant congratulante toteEcclefa] indeed [with thegood liking, Pleafure, or Approbationofthe whale Church.), And (hall we beperfwaded that all the Cities and Countreyof Achaia werethat whole Church, whichapproved, or contented to thefe particular Paltors that were put out 3 Or that had Cognifanceof them or acquain- tance with them? r r. He exprefly faith, pag. 62. xayteSfwv la.ainoiey, That the Church of Co- rinth for the fake of one or two, movedSedition again]? the Presbyters.] Andwhydoth he never fay [it was the Church ofAchaia.] 12. p. 6 3. He fuppofeth the Perlon Emulating tobe [aBeliever ofpower in explain,. ing DoUrine ' wife in judging of Speeches, &c. And would have the concern'd Perlen fay (p. 69.) If the Sedition befor me,and the Contention andSchifms, Iwillremove, Twill begone witheryou will, and will do what the People pre-determine cf (or command,) only let the Rocket' Chrift with the Presbyters fee over them live in peace.] And is it like that the Flock that this Perfon mull fay fo to, was all Achaia? And p. 73. H. requireth [thofe chat begun the Sedition, to be obediently Subjefl P to