Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

021j Churches, either this ground is inhabited, or not ; if not, then earth and trees make their Churches. Ifinhabited, it is by Infidels, or by Chrüli. ns , or both. If by Infidels they are no members of any Chriftian Church, and thereforenot of a Diocefan Church.. Unlefs they will pro- feffe tohave Churhesof Infidels: If theybe_Chriffians, either they are no more, nor more diftant than as that they may (at leaft themainbody of them) come on the Lords dales to the City Church into one affembly, or elfe they are enow to make more ormany. Church affemblies If the former, than what dif- fer they from a Parifh Church, oran Independent Church, which is planted in a City ? When eachof them arebut one congregation, where is the difference but in the arbitrary Name Butif the City and territories haveChri(liañs enow for many Chutcher, theneither theyare formed into manyor not. Ifthey are, they thould (by their own confeffion) have many: Bifhops : If not, either: Church Societies are Gods ordinance or riot. If not , the City_fhould have none : If theyare, where bath God 'eutempted the Country from the priviledgeor duty any more than the City ? But if they should fay that a Diocefan Church is one Church in a City and its territories confifring ofChriftians enow tomake many, of whom the moli part take up with oraories -forChurches, this would fuite our Notionof a Diocefan Church , but not .theirs. For ,they 'fay that it isnot neceffary that a Diocefan Church have more than one Con- gregatibn. Therefore it muff needs follow that their Diocefan Church rniid dif- fer from our Parifh or Congregational Churches only in potentid and not in aCu,or elfe earth or Infidels n:uft be thedif `.renting tr._attcr.11nleis they will fay that the Order of Prelacy in it ¡naked/ the difference, which is the Office 'ofa Paftor who is ahluallÿ Gcvernour but ofone congrega- tion, but is inpotentia tp be the Govcrnon i ofmorewhen he can convert them, and then is the Governour of them all in that territory when they are converted`. But if one congregation or many make not the dif- ference, ameer pnflibility in the Infidels of becoming cChriftians can- not make the difference, becaufe the hubjehhs of that pofiìbility are no members of the Chttre at n11 Therefore the difference mull be only in theoffice of the-Bifhop. And if fo then an Independent Church that hath a Bifhep is a Diocefan 'Church t And foán Independant and a Dioce fan Church maybe all otter And th en ifaBilliop were but fetled in a ParifhCiwrch in the City or Countrcy, it would make it a Dincefzn Church. And then when we nave proved that the Country fhould haveChurches, and not mece Oratories, and that every Church should have a Bilhop; and fo that a B il':op is not to-be.appropriated, to a City and its territories, we have'clore ail. And that fociety which lhculd have all Gods Church ordinances, ihocild have a Pallor neccffary for the txcrcifing of them ail. Lut every true Parifh Church, fhould have R all