Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

an Gods ordinances Çbelonghtg to a tingle Church) therefore they should have a Pallor (at leaft) to exercife them.. And, a Pallor author- ized to exercife all particular Church ordinances of Chrils isatrue Eültep. But every true particular Church lhould have loch a Pallor. Therefore they fhould have a Bilbop.. By the Church ordinances I mean r.Teaching. a. Mir.ifierial Worfsip, in Prayer, Pralle and Sacratr.ents. 3. Difciplinc Jeerer and publick in that Church. And let them remem- ber that they that infread of proof, do but crudely aflirme, that Cities only may be Bifhops Seats, do hut beg the queflion. But becaufc he that pups us hardefftoit ( Domname) dothlay fo much on thefe twodifferences ofa Diocefan Church from a Parochial. r. That a Diocfe conteineth the City and territories , though at fitfl it have but one Corgregation. a. That converting the reli of the City and territories, givet I: the Bifhopa right to Govern them all: Iwill further dihin liy..ccrEcicr of both CHAP. VIII,. Whether the Infdel Territories or Citizens da ,rnt.4 part of Diocefane Church. a. E dillir.guifh between a Drocefe and a Diocefane Church. n. ThewordDiocefetirII was of civil fignitication, and fo we have nothing todo with it. z. It may fignifie a Country of Infidels whom aMinifter of Chrid endeavoureth' to convert: And fo it is no Chi rahof it felf, nor no part of a Church, if a Church be in it : (as is pall all quellion.) And fo we deny not but that, s. Every Minifter thouldconvert 25 many Infidels aahe can.. 2. That he that is refidenton theplace as Pallorof a Cohabiting Church hath better opportunity than a.irangcr ufually toconvert the neighbour infidels; Andtherefore hath more obligation to endcavourit sbecaufe men mull divideand order their work astheir opportunities do invite and guide them. ;. But yet that Qod let no man his Minitlerial. Chargeby the meafureof ground r Anti therefore: that if fuck a City-Bishop have a fmaller number of Ink - his territories, than will takeup his time and labour (betides the care of his Church) he ought not to confine his labour torhem, nor rtegle& other, territories that need'hishelp, but may, mufi.and fhould, go, further in his endeavours, as Aug4ine and other later. Bishops among, the Saxons, notwithstanding the neighbourhood of the Brittains ; .and t as Wilfred alias Bonifaceamong the Germans, ere. And if any other Mi ,fifer come among the Infidels in theTerritories of a City that hath a; Chou k>, s )zile.they hue.flea. of_ theEithop.were .ab,eattif he, íhpu1d,